Monochrome Monday #1

As I continue adding to this blog, I want to really spotlight some of the things I’ve been working on. In light of that, I’ve decided to start a segment called Monochrome Monday. These posts will debut weekly on Mondays and will highlight one piece that I’ve taken in black and white. There is something special about monochrome photography, and I enjoy taking pictures in that particular style. So every Monday, a new piece will be posted and I’ll talk about it in terms of my inspiration and other aspects that contributed to the work. I hope this segment will become a highlight of your week since Mondays are typically mundane, so I hope Monochrome Monday will give you something to look forward to at the start of each week.

For the first ever Monochrome Monday, we’ll be looking at a piece I took in May 2010 entitled Southern Antebellum Living.

This photograph was taken during a photo shoot I had for my former roommate and her sister during our first year of college. They wanted to do something special for their mother for Mother’s Day. Their mother has a special appreciation for photography for she, too, is a photographer. As we walked about campus, we ventured to the historic hotel in town with its expansive porch. This scene reminded me of what life is like in the south, especially “back in the old days.”

I’ve always grown up hearing stories about my family spending many afternoons/evenings on the porch rocking away and just enjoying the blessings in life. When I saw the rocking chairs on the porch of the hotel, I immediately knew that I wanted to capture them. I purposefully didn’t have my roommate or her sister sit in the chairs because I wanted to capture the simplicity of the chairs in all of their glory. These chairs have memories attached to them for students and tourists alike. These chairs provide support when a traveler is weary and comfort for when anyone wishes to enjoy a quiet evening of reading. These chairs are the epitome of life in the south for many people. These chairs have stories to tell and they have many more to hear.

I couldn’t imagine this photo being in color. I think it would take away from the very nostalgic feel that this photo possesses which is why it is today’s Monochrome Monday.


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  1. Marc
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 00:20:28

    Truly AMAZING!


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