Captivating Eyes

Every so often a photographer comes across a model with a stunning physical feature. And when said photographer comes across said model, it only makes sense to capture those features and make the most of that beauty. Luckily for me, I am one of those photographers who has friends who act as models, and a few of them have amazing eyes.

The first captivating eyes photograph is of my friend Lauren. She is known for her natural beauty as is evident by the photo. But even more impressive is the way her green eyes stand out in this picture and pierce right through you.

I always feel as if her eyes are piercing through the viewer, bidding them to her. Of course, I like to think of fun back-stories for some of my works rather than accept the fact that some of them are flukes or even just a good eye. But it is important to note that Lauren’s Eyes uses a very subtle green to stand out in this otherwise rather beige-like monochromatic picture.

Next is a piece I call Blue-Eyed Beauty which stars my friend Julie. She is normally the dramatic model of the bunch, constantly striking some over-the-top pose similar to the way movies tend to depict models in photo shoots. But leave it to Julie to give you an interesting perspective. The photo below captures the wilder side of Julie, and in doing so, her eyes became a focal point. With a little increase in contrast, her eyes became more intriguing than they already had been in the unedited work.

Maybe it’s the icy stare paired with the angsty expression or the washing out of her face, but either way it goes, you can’t help but to be drawn in to Julie’s eyes and just stare right back at them in admiration.

The last of my captivating eyes pieces is of my friend Mary Jane. She is a regular model of mine. She was featured in three of the photos in the Color My World post and she will certainly be seen again on this blog in future posts. The great thing about MJ, aside from her personality, is that she is a great model with many features worth capturing. As you will see in a later post that I am planning, she has incredible rock-climbing legs which are the subject of many of my random photos, but Mary Jane also possesses captivating eyes. Unlike the piece of Julie above, Mary Jane’s eyes are much more subtle in the way they draw you in. Yes, there is color, and yes, there is that ability to intrigue the viewer, but those feats are achieved in much different ways than the bold statements made in other photos.

The viewer is drawn to the face and then encompassed by the eyes. There’s the hint of green which can be seen much more clearly in other photos, but this one provides just enough to comfort the viewer without overdoing anything.

Eyes are windows for expression, and these are just three examples of how expression can come about through stunning features.


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