Monochrome Monday #2

Happy Monday to you! It’s time for the second installment of Monochrome Monday. As you know, the segment was started to highlight one of my black-and-white photos every Monday to jump-start the week. Today we’ll be looking at a piece I took summer 2010 entitled Tuning Guitars.

This is my guitar. I don’t actually play, but I have one anyway. My former roommate gave it to me as a sort of token of appreciation for putting up with her and her relationship drama during our freshman year of college. And though this little guy usually just sits in my room at home, he does serve a purpose.

While I was home for summer 2010, I had a photo shoot with the theme of music. I had my friends come and dress like they were music artists. They could be a band or ride solo, and they could draw inspiration from any genre or any artist they wanted. I brought along my guitar as a prop just in case anyone wanted to use it. But even props need their own spotlight, and that’s how this photograph came about. While taking a break and deciding on our next location, I laid my guitar against a tree and began taking pictures.

I like this picture because it’s simple. Just a guitar, which at the time was out of tune until later in the day when my friend decided to fix it, surrounded by nature. It’s not being played in the picture, just sitting there ready to be used. True, I can’t play it well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally pick it up, sit down with it, and play various little ditties that I come up with spontaneously. It’s not some expensive Fender or Les Paul. It’s just a simple guitar that plays simple ditties and sits patiently for the next time it will be used. Don’t worry; you’ll see this little guy in action again really soon, but until then, the patience captured in this photo is why Tuning Guitars is today’s Monochrome Monday.


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