If I Worked for Hollister

I missed Monochrome Monday again. This time I just forgot, but that’s ok because I have a post for today!

In the few years that I’ve been an active photographer, albeit an amateur, I have found that fashion photography has become something I typically end up filming. I don’t know why this is my particular style of photography, but that has been it, and I kind of like it. There is something about my group of friends that seems to make them all interested in fashion. Because of this, many of my photo shoots take on this element of fusing various themes with past/current fashion trends. I’ve had the privilege of working with grunge to bohemian to prep, and today you’ll get to see that.

A lot of my fashion photography has been centered mostly on clothing. I usually let my models pick their own outfits based on a particular style that I want to work with. And when it comes time to actually take said photos, they come out more in a magazine style. I find myself accidentally taking pictures as if they are ads for popular companies. Below are examples of these faux magazine spreads (read – reasons why I am awesome and should work for hipster stores taking photos of their models):

Ralph Lauren/Abercrombie

Not that I can shop at either of these places (or any of the ones I will be listing), but most of my friends can or do shop at hipster stores like these. (I would like to apologize in advance to my friends for seemingly calling them hipsters. They are not hipsters, but some of them dress that way, but I know my friends don’t like to be called hipsters. Again, they are NOT hipsters…they just dress like them…)

Anyway. The following photos make me feel as if I should be working for RL or A&F.

This photo is called Fierce because it genuinely does remind me of an ad for some fragrance that would totally be called “Fierce.” These two are not your likely fashion models, but everything about this picture just screams intensity, so who cares that they aren’t your typical Abercrombie models? I don’t. Crystal and Will just make this picture FIERCE.

In this next picture, my friend Kate and her boyfriend Stephen really do look like Abercrombie models which is exactly what this piece is called (Abercrombie Models). I know that sounds a little dumb, but when I look at this picture, I could picture it on display in the mall at A&F.

The above photo, Hey, Stephen, kind of gives that “Look at me, I’m a model working for Ralph Lauren Polo” feel. It’s simple, and honestly, it’s all in the shirt. Thanks to my fashion consultant, this wonderful “man-shirt” was picked out in Abercrombie for a decent sale price (I didn’t even know sales were possible in that place). It took us forever to find it, but it works well on Stephen, and I’m sure this will make all the ladies swoon (but not really).


Ok, Pacific Sunwear isn’t what I would really consider high-class (though they are more than expensive), but I still have a picture that I would totally fit their ads:

Aside from the fact that this reminds me of many a picture I have seen from Bonnaroo, this also provides some reminders of fun in the California sun where shorts and sandals are a necessity.

Forever 21

Known for their wide selection of Bohemian looks, the above picture of Mary Jane (Bohemian Girls) really screams Forever 21. (And don’t worry, she was definitely wearing shorts under that, so shove off perverts.) The Boho look has grown increasingly popular over the years, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.


And here I’ve saved the best for last. Hollister and Abercrombie are like cousins, so what you don’t find in one, you’ll probably find in the other. The following line of photos are from my “Hollister” shoot. I named it that for the simple reason that I honestly think Hollister should call me to be one of their photographers. (Note, though, that I’m fairly certain my models – Felicita and Heather – were wearing mostly clothes from American Eagle or some place that is not Hollister.)

So there you have it. Maybe, in the near future, you’ll see my work in the next Delia’s catalog mailed to your house. Until then, I guess I’ll just sit by my phone until Hollister calls me…


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