A Warning for You

Just as a heads up, there will be no Monochrome Monday this coming Monday (May 30). Not only is it Memorial Day (not that that would have stopped me at any other given time), I also have no internet at my house. It actually makes me very mad because I am addicted to online games and Netflix and Facebook and not having internet just really sucks. The only reason why I’m able to even post this is because I’m sitting at Panera using their free wi-fi. (Don’t worry, I actually bought stuff. I had lunch with an old friend from high school, and now I’m waiting for another friend so we can go meet up with even more friends.)

So my way to combat this is to post my Monochrome Monday on a day that isn’t Monday when I’m back on campus and with internet. That is also assuming that the network on campus doesn’t screw up when I get back. Anyway. I hope you all are ok with that. So see you on the other side when my internet works!


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