Happy Independence Day From MPS!

There’s not going to be a new Monochrome Monday today. But fear not! I’m still going post something!

I’m not really one to be patriotic, but it’s still Independence Day. This country has been through a great deal. Wars and laws and natural disasters and school shootings… And though I do believe that this country has gotten much too big for its britches (I mean, let’s just be honest), there’s still a lot of good that has happened and continues to happen here. There are still countries where freedom of speech doesn’t exist, countries where women don’t have a right to vote. There are countries where children aren’t given the chance to get a good education, countries where genocides are a regular occurrence. There are countries where the economy is so terrible that people don’t have jobs and can’t afford to feed their families, countries where the water is too dirty to drink and insects carry diseases that kill quickly and in mass numbers.

We have all of these luxuries here, and sometimes I wonder if we’re all so comfortable that we’ve forgotten how lucky we are. I often feel like I’m taking for granted all of the things I’ve had the opportunity to experience in the two decades I’ve been on this planet. And though I didn’t grow up in a mansion with maids and every toy I wanted, I also didn’t grow up dirt poor scrapping for food. Somehow, we made ends meet.

On this day in this cultural melting pot, the land of opportunity, we get to celebrate our independence. We look at another year of existence as a sovereign nation. Our own government, our own laws, our own beliefs. We’re a lucky bunch. And despite not always being proud to be an American, because of the mistakes and flaws that we as a country often don’t like to own up to, I’m still lucky to have as much freedom as I do. And I have the opportunity and freedom to pursue my personal interests, one of which being photography:

Happy Independence Day! Have a great time cooking out, safe travels, and just enjoy the day. My plans? Shooting fireworks. Why? Because Kentucky is at least cooler than Tennessee in that respect: I can purchase and set off fireworks within city limits. Have a great day!


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