Monochrome Monday #11

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. The simplest excuse for this is that life has happened. Life is always happening to me what with class and work and such. I know it’s not a good enough excuse, but it’ll have to do. I guess I should get started with today’s Monochrome Monday. Tonight I am paying tribute to my friend Michelle for her wonderful inspiration for today’s MM. Behold a piece I like to call, “HOLY CRAP RHONDA, HERE’S SOME REALLY BAD INSPIRATION FOR YOU TO HELP YOU POST SOMETHING ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!” or the abbreviated title, Inspiration From Michelle. Note the great emotional intensity that Michelle expresses on film as she begs me to post a new MM for today. It’s incredibly mind-boggling to the viewer who is left utterly confused by such an impeccable amount of emotion (or possibly, in this case, utterly horrified – this is undoubtedly terrifying).

No, but seriously, for those of you who really do care about getting a new Monochrome Monday post for today like Michelle (she’s seriously distraught and hounding me to post as I type this), the real photograph for today is below.

Entitled Charli Case, this photo was apart of a series of photos taken during summer 2010 in which my model (and friend) Charli decided that she wanted to imitate an album cover from Neko Case. I obliged finding the challenge worthy. Sadly, like in the real picture, there were no mountains or cliffs or anything, but we made do with an old mustang and a nice arbor-infested park. I also commandeered one of my brothers many swords to complete the scene (yes, it is real for those of you who were secretly asking yourselves that question).

What I love most about this photo is how comfortable and powerful Charli looks with the sword.  It’s like a natural thing to her, standing on the car and playing with the sword. Her expression, like many in my photos, is intense, but in a different sense. This time, her expression comes off in a more “don’t mess with me” kind of way. In all honesty, she’s saying that she’s badass. The posture, the stance, the expression, the way the wind whips her hair…it gives off a sense of true fire that only incredible women (and I guess men) can have. It’s an empowerment sort of thing.

And that is why Charli Case is this week’s Monochrome Monday. Don’t worry, Michelle, I’ve posted. Thanks for your inspiration. It was…helpful…I think…


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