Apologies Are In Order

I feel bad for having to even say any of this. But apologies are in order concerning my inactivity for the past month. Summer “vacation” is over for me, and with that has come many things including:

  • Ending my summer job as a reading tutor for little kids (a bitter-sweet sort of thing because I was rather worn out working with kids all day, but I’m going to miss seeing the little tykes every day)
  • Ending my summer classes (which I passed with As; and now that I have passed the swim test requirement, I can graduate in May 2013 assuming that the much dreaded December 2012 Apocalypse does NOT occur…which I really hope it doesn’t otherwise I have been wasting away my life in school for nothing instead of fulfilling my lifelong dream of working for Crayola naming crayon colors…just saying…)
  • Having to go through RA training (which was way more fun than last year because the returning student staff did more to make it worthwhile, and I was one of those people who spearheaded that project)
  • Welcoming in the new first year students (the longest week of my life aside from training week, but they’re here and there are a bazillion of them)
  • Starting classes for the fall (something that happened last Wednesday. My classes are actually rather boring which I never would have suspected what with 3 of the 4 being classes for my majors, but no; my classes really are boring)

So as you can see, my life has been crazy. Aside from the one weekend I was able to go home at the start of this month, I have literally been going strong since the end of May/start of June. But that’s ok. Despite my busy life, I still have some great things planned for you all. Due to an extremely persistent friend, I should have a post up by the end of this week showcasing some photography from my trip home earlier this month. But until then, I leave you with the following:

My summer most certainly was NOT wasted. Nope, not even close. 🙂


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