The Fall 2011 Photography Season at MPS

GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I’m certainly excited! The fall season for McClish Photography Studios is going to be the best yet of my amateur photographer career! Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are some amazing things you may want to know:

  1. New Equipment: I mentioned in a Monochrome Monday post over the summer about making a very important purchase. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I never officially revealed said surprise. Well, I’m going to do it now. This summer I invested in a wide-angle lens for my Nikon! I know that sounds shockingly boring to the non-photographer, but to me, it’s the coolest little gadget ever. In layman’s terms, I purchased a fisheye lens. Grant it, this one lacks a strong fisheye effect (and that will be fixed around my 21st birthday when I buy myself another lens as my present), but it’s still pretty cool how much I can get into a picture now using this lens. In the example above, you can see the curve of the building and the slight bulge in the center making a very slight fisheye effect. So I’m hoping to continue adding to my equipment this season so I can expand my creativity.
  2. New Photo Shoots: And this time, I’m going all out! I’m typically accustomed to doing fashion-type shoots, but this fall, all of that is going to change with two new session styles: engagement/wedding photography and senior portraits. That’s right. With the pending wedding of one of my friends this coming April comes the desire to have engagement and wedding photos and I have been asked to be one of the photographers. That is a huge step up from the fun little shoots I do with my friends. Not only that, several of my friends are graduating this school year and have asked me to take their senior/graduation pictures for them for their invitations and such to mark one of the greatest achievements of their lives: graduating from college. I feel truly honored by these requests for several reasons. For starters, it means that my friends (and even friends of friends) like my photography enough to ask me to take their pictures for them. Secondly, I get more experience and can add to my growing portfolio. But most importantly, I get to be apart of very special moments in the lives of my friends which makes me extremely excited. Yes, I am so nervous about both of these changes, but I’m also thrilled to accept these new challenges and expand my horizons.
  3. New Business: I’m not starting anything fancy just yet, but I am upping the ante this season. There are a few things in the works including business cards, more services (cough cough…being able to purchase prints…cough cough), and the biggest change: charging for shoots. That last one pertains solely to people who approach me about having specific things done. For instance, I’m charging for the engagement/wedding and senior portraits. That is only fair considering how much time goes into both styles what with research so I know what I’m doing, the actual shoot, editing the photos, and putting together packages for ordering. More information about all of these new “business” ventures will be revealed later this fall.

So McClish Photography Studios is expanding. I’m getting more experience. Good things are happening. There’s a lot to be excited about this coming season, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! =)



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