Pre-Halloween Special (#2)

If you seriously haven’t gotten it in your head that I am a HUGE Halloween fan, then you might possibly be suffering from oblivion and should thus get that checked out. The following post doesn’t really have anything to do with photography but more to do with my personal Halloween (and overall days of costume wearing) escapades over the years. I’ll take a stab at making some sort of connection with photography by saying that one’s choice of attire when modeling is essential for good photos. I love doing themed photo shoots because it allows my models to be creative and express themselves or their alter egos or what have you. Halloween is probably the same sort of creative outlet for me. So let’s just take a trip down memory lane starting with the best of Homecoming spirit days past…

The first picture was taken junior year of high school, the year with the most documented proof that I had school spirit:

Tacky Day, the perfect day to dress in ridiculous layers of clothing and nobody cares. Truthfully, I see nothing truly tacky about Lauren’s get-up except for maybe the way she chose to wear her hair that day, but nevertheless, layers upon layers of gaudy patterns that don’t complement each other…it just doesn’t get better than that.

Senior year was no less amazing in terms of dressing up for school spirit.

Lauren (I know too many Laurens) and I celebrated “Salad Dressing Day” by repping the great Ranch. Cowgirls at their finest. Yippie-yi-yo- ki-yay and all that jazz. Ah yes, a time when I felt pretty. A time when I was thinner than I am now. A time when I wish I had owned a pair of cowboy boots but made up for it by wearing cute wedges. What can I say? We go hard in the south.

But the best time of year for dressing up and showing out is hands down Halloween (or maybe prom…). I’ve been a lot of things in my life (in terms of costume appropriate affairs): princesses, Japanese school girls, Mulan…but for the past 4 years, I’ve been upping the ante and pulling out all the stops. Yes, I have taken Halloween to the next level (because I’ve never actually purchased a pre-made costume, I make my own/piece them together, and I do stuff most people don’t do). But you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Enjoy!

Junior Year of High School: Celtic Maiden

Senior Year of High School: Lil’ Mama (Girlfriend Remix with Avril Lavigne)

Freshman Year of College: Gypsy

Sophomore Year of College: A Ke$ha Inspired Popstar

And this year I’m going all out again. I mean, I’m going to be a fairy, but I’m going to be an amazingly gorgeous fairy. Maybe next year I’ll be something more stereotypically “college student,” but I doubt it. I’m thinking of being Sailor Moon…or Zenon from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Until then, have fun finishing up your own Halloween costumes, and happy Friday! (3 days!)


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