Monochrome Monday #15 (Halloween Special)

Happy Monday. I would be more excited, but I’m tired. And though I did have some fun this weekend, I now have to return to reality which is this incredibly depressing vortex of research papers, clogged shower drains, and lack of sufficient sleep/dietary patterns (among other things). But never fear, I do have quite the Monochrome Monday for you today. This isn’t a typical MM because today isn’t a typical Monday. For the first time ever, we’ll be looking at two photos (neither actually in black n’ white) that highlight my Halloween weekend. Let’s get started.

We’ll start with the happier of the two entitled Pretty Rave Girl. What better way to kick of Halloween than with a party? We go hard in my dorm, and being an RA in a freshman hall always proves itself to be full of adventure. We, the RA staff, throw a lot of parties for our girls, but this time, the residents decided it was time to try their hand at party throwing; and I must say, they did a swell job. Good food, fun games, and most importantly, great music to dance to. Our parties tend to have a club-like atmosphere, and this party was no different as can be seen above with my friend Mariah (you’ll be seeing more of her later this week). Costumes were encouraged, and Mariah strutted her stuff in this beautiful fairy costume (totally out-doing me…especially considering that my wings broke a few nights later at another party).

Just in case any of you were wondering: yes, this photo was Photoshopped. The original was great, but I got bored at some point and decided to light this picture up because that’s what our Halloween party was all about: dancing and having a crazy fun good time. And with all the lights and sparkles now infused in this photo, I think people can truly understand that. We had a great time singing and dancing and dressing up and getting into the Halloween spirit. It’s a fantastical kind of thing, forgetting homework and other responsibilities. It was simply about getting together and having fun, and I think this photo captures the essence of what that party was really about.

But enough with the warm and fuzzy stuff. WARNING: the follow image has been known to evoke pure terror in the minds of young children. Viewer discretion is advised.

The #1 highlight of my weekend would probably be the Haunted House (hosted in one of the college’s specialty houses – particularly the one that was a former residence hall turned quarantine for students who managed to get small pox…aka swine flu…) that I helped setup/run with some of my friends on Saturday night. Our big Halloween weekend on campus is called Hallowpalooza, and it’s run by the Residence Life department which is the department I work in. So some of my staff members and I teamed up with some of the staff members of a few other dorms to create the wonderful masterpiece that freaked out quite a few people, including ourselves.

Aside from being an interior decorator (that house is legitimately the creepiest place I have ever been in…and I LOVED it…) and the official photographer, I was also the main makeup artist for the shindig. In the photo above, appropriately entitled Haunted House, my friend Crystal gladly risked her health to play a dead girl in a bathtub. The makeup concept involved the perceived effect of not having eyes (and for you theatre people out there [like me], I am aware that the fake skin is not blended in with the rest of the skin – we were on a limited budget/schedule so deal with it), plus tons of blood in the form of gushing wounds on the neck and arms and of course drippings from the eyeless sockets.

Pair all of that with the rest of the setting which included bloody bath water, blood splattered walls, and (though not visible in this photo) blood on the toilet, floor, and mirror, you get one of the best setups in the whole house. What else made this the winner of the scariest room? The fact that as the guests walked by, they would turn and see Crystal laying there and thought that was it…until, of course, they were almost halfway through the room and Crystal would jump up and grab them, sending everyone screaming and pushing forward in an attempt to get out before they could fall down due to the heart attack they were having. Perfection? Oh, you have no idea. 🙂

So there you have it. The best of my Halloween weekend. Dancing and laughing maniacally as innocent college students screamed their heads off. Was it worth it? Of course. This is, after all, one of my favorite times of year. So have yourself a frightfully wonderful Monochrome Monday. Have fun dressing up, trick-or-treating, and watching scary (or more child-friendly) movies on tv. Happy Halloween. *cue lightning and thunder* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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