Sunday Afternoons: Mariah’s Session

Howdy. Nothing like a bit of photography discussion to get you going (or, in my case, keep me awake). As is starting to become custom, my weekend routine consists of some sort of photo session. This new lifestyle has both positive and negative effects on my life.

The pros:

  • I get more practice,thus increasing my professionalism.
  • I get to be slightly more social.
  • It gets me out of my room and hinders me from being lazy and laying in bed all day watching football.

The cons:

  • I feel used, as if the only thing I’ve become good for is taking people’s photos (which is probably true nowadays).
  • I lose a lot of my free time to scheduling sessions.
  • I don’t get to enjoy my day off from life and be lazy and lay in bed all day watching football.

But despite the cons, I try to lean more towards the pros, and in all honesty, the pros do outweigh most of the cons (except for the whole football thing). This past weekend was no different. One of my residents, Mariah, asked if I could take some photos for her, and I obliged. This was the first time I took part in a more vintage-type shoot (which is great practice for a future shoot I’m planning), and I must say that I am rather proud of myself for the following images. Check it out!

What do I love about this photo? Everything. The color of the foliage. The vintage dress. The fact that Mariah is swinging about on a lamp-post like a carefree teenager. Yes, I think this is just wonderful. It’s not necessarily an action shot, but it’s about close as I was going to get. Still, this photo is so lighthearted, filled with so much fluidity and movement. Simple yet complex. Swinging and basking in sunlight, enjoying a beautiful fall day. Life just doesn’t get better than that.

Another thing that I have noticed about my continued skill honing is my almost uncanny ability to find people who make perfect models for bands or something. Mariah is one of those people. I’ve begun studying the art of band/musician/concert photography. If Mariah was a professional music artist, this could potentially be her album cover or at least one of the photos included in the little lyrics booklet that are included with CD’s and such. And if that didn’t cut it, then I’d settle for this simply being a good example of the senior portrait photography that I’ve been working on.

Over the course of the past year or so, I’ve really been trying to get away from accidents. But every once in a while, an accident sneaks in, and I kind of just have to take it. The above photo was that accident. At this point in the shoot, our friend Clare was present and not helping us at all. Instead of just watching or keeping us company, she made it near impossible to keep Mariah still long enough for me to get a shot of her where she wasn’t talking or blinking or making some weird face. But I will give Clare some credit for the distraction that became this beautiful photograph. I love natural photos, and this is the epitome of that.

Lastly, I present this work of art. Our original goal was to go the creek out in the college’s forest, but hunger and fatigue stopped us from doing that. So we settled for this patch of colorful leaves (that we may never have gotten to if it weren’t for the grounds keepers going through and chopping up the leaves in the one stretch of grass much closer to campus that I had originally intended on using). Despite not making it to the creek, I think this photo was a great end to Mariah’s session. This, too, could be an album cover or band photo or senior portrait. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. It’s the essence of fall. Creek or no creek, this setting is absolutely breathtaking (to me anyway – I enjoy color. We are talking about the girl who wants to work for Crayola naming crayon colors).

So there you have it. An update on my recent works. Have a good day.


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