Monochrome Monday #17

You know, I’ve realized that for a person who is on hiatus, I have been more active on this blog than I originally intended. That may be because the toughest part of my semester is over (two research papers down) and I’m down to about 9 days of class and 19 days total away from being done with the semester and homeward bound for three weeks of school-free living. (It’s sad that my life has come down to this idea of 4 months of hard work at a time and only 3 weeks of break. Man, I’m really going to hate being an adult.) But the pressures of ending this semester are starting to wear off and that means that I’m one step closer to being off of hiatus and back to my normal constant photography way of life. Until then, we’re going to take it back in time and kick it a little old school with a special photo for today’s Monochrome Monday:

The following is probably one of my absolute favorite photos I have ever taken.

I have yet to come up with a suitable name for this portrait, so for now, I am calling it Untitled. Taken in summer 2010, this photo stars my friend Emma. It’s interesting to note that after about 4-5 years, I still keep in touch with the students I taught during my stint running a drama club at one of the local middle schools back home. Emma was one of those students, and my bond with her was unlike that of my bonds with the other students. I see a lot of myself in this, now, young woman. I’ve watched her grow up. She’s bubbly and optimistic, sometimes hard to handle, but I think that’s what I’ve always loved about her.

So to go from interacting with an energetic middle-schooler to interacting with a more sophisticated, yet still bubbly high-schooler…it’s impressive and heartwarming to say the least. To watch someone grow up into a talented young lady, someone who can sing and act, someone who isn’t afraid to stand out and be a little quirky…that’s something that I truly cherish about my relationship with Emma. And to have the pleasure of working with her in my photography was absolutely amazing.

I love everything about this photograph. The guitar, the way you can only see half of Emma’s face (and how sincere her expression is), the way Emma’s hair is pretty much perfect in the way it flows/falls around her, the foliage…I have never been more proud of a photo in my life. Nor have I ever been more proud of one of my friends who has grown up to be absolutely gorgeous and exceptional and just plain awesome.

Aside from it just being breathtaking, I think this photo speaks a lot about both my and Emma’s interests, namely that both of us love music. Emma sings ten times better than I could ever dream (but hey, at least I can carry a tune unlike a lot of people I know), and both of us enjoy listening to music and rocking out. Music is important. It keeps the world spinning. It brings people together. And since this was from the music themed shoot, this all seems so fitting. This, to me, is about as close to perfection as it’s going to get.

And that’s why this is today’s Monochrome Monday.


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  1. thebigbookofdating
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 03:44:25

    I love this photo


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