Remember December

How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? – Dr. Seuss

Happy 1st of December! I am so excited that it is finally December for multiple reasons. For starters, I am so close to being done with this semester (can I still be thankful for stuff even though Thanksgiving is over?)! I’m also excited about December because there are tons of holiday movies playing on tv. I don’t really celebrate Christmas (possibly because it’s becoming increasingly more about consumerism, and I am a broke college student), but I love holiday movies like Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and Jingle All the Way. What can I say? I am the product of the ’90s. But there is one more thing that I absolutely love about this time of year…


Well, more like winter in general, but especially snow. I normally claim summer as my favorite season (um, no school, anyone?), and I am typically pretty impartial to the remaining seasons loving them all equally in their own right, but winter is an absolutely gorgeous time of year to me. And now that it’s December, my favorite natural occurrence is going to become prevalent once again.

Now I know that to the average adult, winter can be a pain. Winter brings about many hardships like ice on the roads, and snow days/school closings make finding a balance between child care and work difficult. Winter brings illness and freezing temperatures. But somewhere buried deep in all of that is what I find so perfect about winter. Considering how I am only an adult by age and a total child at heart, I doubt I will EVER get sick of snow (this is, after all, coming from the girl from Nashville where we’ve got the only county in the state in school when every other county around us has a snow day. I feel as if my fascination with snow is very much justified). I mean, I don’t even have a car at the moment, so ice on the roads means almost nothing to me. I don’t get cold easily, so freezing temperatures are perfect to me. And true, living on a residential campus makes it nearly impossible to get snow days, but at least I live where I work, so I only have to go outside to go to class.

But winter is more than just a season where I get to watch it snow pretty much once a week (which is a lot for a little college town here in the south). Winter is also perfect for photography. Last year, I got to enjoy some hardcore fun in the snow/other winter related features (freezing temperatures + snow + me in a prom dress = awesome happy fun time) with some of my friends. Check it out:

Like I said, I enjoy snow. And my friends and I have participated in some pretty hardcore activities that have included having to purchase a new pair of glasses (that I needed anyway) thanks to an intense snowball fight and braving a blizzard during a walk to the local Dairy Queen in order to take advantage of their seasonal “buy one DQ blizzard, get one free” special [but only when it’s snowing outside]. But some of our adventures are less dramatic than broken glasses and free ice cream treats and simply involve us admiring our college’s campus during the winter. With lights hanging and snow covering the ground, we like to enjoy the quiet night life of quaint little college towns which is how you get trippy photos of my friend Zoe like the one above.

When I’m not enjoy winter festivities on campus, I’m enjoying life in my hometown with my friends. Last winter, Mary Jane and I ventured to the Greenway which we frequent, well, frequently. Winter brings out the best in fashion. Boots, leggings, scarves and coats. And there’s nothing like just sitting on a bridge taking random pictures, praying that your camera doesn’t fall into the creek below.

Winter also hosts the holidays of love and crap. Though not taken during Valentine’s Day season (this was actually from my Winter Fairy Tale collaboration with my friend Ashton to be featured later this month), the photo above of Kate and her boyfriend Stephen is the epitome of what cold weather does to couples (cue Baby, It’s Cold Outside). Fact: bodily warmth doesn’t do crap during photo shoots.

I don’t own legitimate snow boots. And my rain boots are actually too small. But they get me through the many snow filled days of college. That above is one of them. Because every so often, I have friends who like to brave the cold and dare to be different with their photos. Like in the following photo:

Forget the standard spring or fall pictures when the weather is perfect for lighter clothing or the ground is cluttered with pretty flowers and brightly colored leaves. Instead, some of my friends want to enjoy the majestic beauty that only winter possesses with its white washed ground and natural bareness. Many times people just want life to be springing forth from everything. They want leaves on the trees and color and animals playing. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a bit of death, because even in what seems like death, nature is still brimming with life. The trees may be bare, but they are still growing. There may not be tons of colorful leaves, but everything is covered in fluffy sheets of sparkling white. Animals may not be out and about as often, but humans are animals, too, and we still keep right on functioning.

So am I excited for winter? Of course! I mean, my birthday is in a winter month. I am more than excited for the first real snow of the season. And though I still have a few weeks before winter fully sets in and begins its three month reign, I am ready to create more epic adventures that only true kids at heart can have when they give themselves up to snow and ice and freezing temps. I mentioned an equation earlier:

freezing temperatures + snow + me in a prom dress = awesome happy fun time

You can check the math below. I think the answer is really quite clear. I LOVE SNOW! 🙂


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