Winter Break Challenge Result #1

As I posted yesterday, I’m challenging myself to take one of my cameras with me everywhere I go. But considering how I haven’t actually left my house today (yet, that is. Bible class and Christmas party tonight – making gingerbread houses; this ought to be interesting because I am not an architect…or one who can turn down eating frosting and candy despite being on a diet…), I had to figure out a way to get my challenge. Sure, I’m still taking my camera with me later, but I’ve got several hours to kill before then. So to waste some time, I busted out the camera just for the heck of it. The result of that is below:

My friend Michelle studied abroad all of last year, in Spain during the fall and Peru during the spring. She asked me what I wanted as a souvenir, and I told her rings. You see, I’ve started this collection of rings from around the world, and any time my friends travel abroad and ask me what I want, I tell them that I want a ring to add to my collection. This all started the summer before my senior year of high school when my friend Lauren went to Greece and brought me back a ring. From that point forward, I’m all for getting rings from different places. (The fact that I like wearing rings in general may also contribute to my desire to acquire more.)

Anyway. Back to the story. While in Peru, Michelle bought me three different rings, but she misplaced the 3rd one and couldn’t find it for a while. But she finally did, and now that I am home and have spent the past few days invading her house (we’ve been doing a lot of random cooking), I finally got the last ring. And it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! I love it. It fits nicely on my thumb. It’s really comfy to wear, and it’s just so amazingly beautiful as you can see in the photos above and below.

The pattern is what I like most. Apparently Peruvians are known for their gold carvings, so this is pretty awesome. I like this ring in general. I’m wearing it now as I type this (along with my Grecian, Spanish, and another Peruvian ring…and my 17th birthday present mood ring…and my class ring…like I said, I like rings).

Well, it is past my lunch time, so I’m going to go on a scavenger hunt for food. But keep checking back for more challenge updates! Happy Wednesday!


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