Winter Break Challenge Result #2

Well hello there, faithful readers. Happy Thursday to you. I haven’t been out of my house today (yet…again…because my friends and I are very much college students, and college students operate a lot like nocturnal creatures…like owls…only we can’t turn our heads all the way around), but tonight will be fun what with dinner at Red Robin and a trip out to Hendersonville to crash at my friend’s house as has been tradition since middle school. But despite this, I do still have a challenge result for your viewing pleasure:

*cue the collective squeals of cuteness*

Yes, young love is so sickening, but sometimes you can’t help but to find something so truly adorable that it rivals even the world’s cutest contenders like puppies and single fathers who work really hard to take care of their kids. (That last link is worth the time to watch. So click it and go forth and enjoy it.) The photo above may have been one of those moments that could hold its own against bunnies and the like.

Last night’s Christmas party was interesting. We attempted to make a gingerbread castle…it did not turn out as we had hoped. The walls started to break before being put up, there was no milk carton or anything to even support the walls, the roof was too small, and all of the weight from the candy and frosting caused the whole thing to cave in. (However, the volcano that we made out of extra gingerbread was amazing…possibly because I was the one who decorated it, so it looked stellar!) Anyway. After the death of the gingerbread castle, Ashton and Stephen started a frosting war with Kate. Kate eventually got Stephen back, and the two of them shared an Eskimo frosting kiss. It’s just so cute that it makes me want to vomit.

Aside from Jesus and people spending crap tons of money that people don’t really have on presents that people don’t really want for family members that people don’t really like, the holidays are about spending time with friends and family and doing really unsuccessful things like building epic fail gingerbread castles and having frosting wars. Happy holidays indeed. 🙂


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