Winter Break Challenge Result #3

It’s the early morning hours of Christmas eve, and instead of sleeping like I probably should, I’m up playing games online and writing this post. Don’t ask me why I’m still awake. I’m actually rather tired and ready to sleep, but this post is pretty important. Well, not really; it could have waited until later in the day, but I’m choosing to post this now. This particular challenge isn’t really all that special. In fact, there’s another photo that I want to post, but I’m saving it until Monochrome Monday (that’s right, folks! I finally have a new MM to post! TWO actually!). But until Monday, I have the following terror for you to behold:

Feast your eyes upon the most epic Christmas lights ever!

That’s right. That’s ONE person’s house. Not multiple houses. Just. One.

These people clearly take Christmas decorations very seriously.

In fact, this house’s lights were so epic that SEVERAL cars pulled over on the side of the road just to get out and take pictures of this incredible display of…I don’t even know the word for it. I don’t know about you all, but I’m rather glad that’s not my house. Why? Because their electricity bill must be skyrocketing this month. Talk about conserving energy.

You might be wondering how I ventured across this Christmas light wonderland. Well, it really goes back to that trip to Hendersonville that was supposed to happen Thursday night. It, um…yeah…never happened. One of my friends, who was going to drive us there, hydroplaned off the road into a tree/ditch on the street in front of the governor’s mansion. (Don’t worry, she’s perfectly fine. And save for some damage to the car that is currently being fixed up a bit, things are ok. Including the tree.) So we went to visit said friend to make up for having to unexpectedly cancel our plans from the previous evening.

We decided to go get sushi for dinner, and on the way, she showed us the above epic Christmas lit house. On our way back, we definitely stopped to take pictures. If it weren’t for the fact that there were so many cars stopping, we so had a plan to sneak on their yard and take tons of pictures. But alas, we had to settle for some distance shots, but that’s ok because this is by far the most amazingly decked out yard I’ve seen all season (save for the really tacky one not too far from my house, but it’s decked out the same tacky way every year).

So merry (early) Christmas from me and the people who live in that house. And I sincerely hope that they don’t short-circuit and set fire to their home because that would probably be the worst Christmas ever. Then again, that certainly isn’t my problem. 🙂


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