Photo Shoot Update

Hey-o and what do you know?! So, for the sake of ending the constant pestering from Michelle about not having posted since yesterday, I had my Pumped Up Kicks photo shoot today. 🙂

Things went really well despite not having as big a turn out as had first been predicted. We braved 30 degree weather for nearly 3.5 hours to get our shots, and we had a spectacular time! My poor hands are still thawing out (they were so cold that my fingers had swollen and I couldn’t get my rings off), but I can type so much better than I could about an hour or so ago.

My models went above and beyond the initial call of creativity, and I simply can’t wait to post those photos for you to see over the course of the next few days (and trust me, it’ll take a few days to get through the various photos). I even hope to post the artistic video that we’re creating based on Michelle’s photos.

So please be as patient as possible as I work on editing and posting the shots from the Pumped Up Kicks shoot. I will work as quickly as I can to get posts for you all to enjoy (and I promise, you will NOT be disappointed). Until then, please enjoy this sneak peek of the photo shoot (WARNING: this photo may be a bit disturbing to young children, but I promise it serves a good purpose):


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