Pumped Up Kicks Look #2: Kylie (pt. 1)

Hello! I am writing to you from Hendersonville (finally). Half of the group is up, the other half is still asleep. I’m confused by the conversation occurring in the kitchen, so I’m choosing to write this post for you all instead. This is the first part of Kylie’s photos, so I hope you all enjoy:

Kylie chose to do some creative interpretation of Tom Waits. (Don’t know who that is? Yeah, I wouldn’t expect you to. I mean, he’s famous [and sounds a bit like Cookie Monster], but he’s also really obscure and people typically look confused when Kylie asks if they’ve ever heard of him.) Possibly one of Tom Waits’ biggest fans, Kylie chose to do an artistic take on his song Jockey Full of Bourbon. (A song whose lyrics threw me off completely because I honestly didn’t understand them, and they had pretty much nothing to do with anything.)

Kylie described Tom Waits’ style as that of a hobo. Her disheveled ensemble included a half tucked dress shirt, unhooked suspenders, and the world’s most uncomfortable “man shoes.” I feel as if she pulled it off well.

Mr. Waits does a lot of drinking and smoking to make his “magic” happen. Kylie was more than thrilled to bring a hip flask and cigarettes (though she doesn’t smoke) in true Waits style. Apparently to be a great artist of any kind, toxins and depression are a necessity. (Looks like I’ve got some work to do…)

What I love the most about Kylie (and I can say this because I am laying on her living room floor while she is knocked out in her bed upstairs) is that she and her family are so full of life. They always have wild stories to tell. Sometimes it makes me feel as if my life isn’t good enough, that it’s boring (which, in all actuality, it is). Kylie has always had this thing about finding random items in her house or on her person. She once found a random fork in her pocket at school having had no prior knowledge of placing it there. So for this shoot, Kylie found a random box of bullets sitting on her kitchen table and decided to bring one to the shoot for a prop. I must admit that it added a nice effect to the whole “crazy drunk hobo” persona.

And lastly for today, I present to you my absolute favorite photo from Kylie’s pictures and possibly from the whole shoot. It took a few attempts to get it right, but the final result is phenomenal.

I am in love with everything about this photo. The blurred rocky background, Kylie’s facial expression, the Tom Waits button on her hat, and of course the flame from the lighter as she attempts to light a cigarette. I don’t even know what else to say about this photo. I feel as if it speaks for itself. So I’m going to leave it at that for now.

…to be continued…


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