Pumped Up Kicks Look #3: Kylie (pt. 2)

Hi there. Rhonda here with yet another post about my photo shoot. It’s the 2nd half of Kylie’s photos. The following series of photos are rather comedic in nature, though I don’t know if Tom Waits is supposed to be comedic. Either way, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them:

Kylie mutilated an umbrella for one of her props. Apparently, her Tom Waits character gets so drunk that she doesn’t realize that such an umbrella would not protect her from the rain…rain that is obviously not falling. In playing around, this hole popped in front of my camera and framed Kylie. I felt as if that was the perfect opportunity to get a shot.

We don’t exactly know what was happening at this time. I feel as if Kylie was singing some Tom Waits song while moseying along in her drunken revelry. As I snapped this photo, I immediately thought, “Man, this is like Jack Sparrow swag.” And that is what we have dubbed this.

Kylie, being the crazy (yet profoundly creative) girl that she is, was quite the natural when it came to this shoot. Maybe it was her familiarity with Tom Waits or her intense desire to have a hobo shoot. She did a grand job of just being flexible and doing her own thing.

The last photo of Kylie (for now) is another one of my favorites. It’s not quite as grand as the lighting of  the cigarette photo from my last post, but it’s still a nice photo in its own way.

What do I like about this photo? The colors. The open space. A disheveled looking Kylie. The fact that Kylie didn’t even know I was taking this picture. I’d say that’s pretty sufficient reasoning for my liking this photo.

Kylie did a superb job at being a model, especially as a first timer to one of my shoots. Everything was so natural, and most of the shots were her ideas which was great. Instead of telling her what to do, she took it upon herself to, well, just be herself and have fun. And I think the results speak volumes about the amount of fun and creativity we had.

So now what? Well, I’ll be introducing my next model from this shoot soon. And it’ll be a very special reveal. So just keep checking back for updates! Have a great day!


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