Pumped Up Kicks Look #4: Michelle (pt. 1)

Howdy there, readers! I hope this finds you in good spirits. I have another look at my photo shoot for you. As I mentioned in another post from a few days ago, it took me absolutely forever to upload the pictures, and every time I tried to upload the ones of Michelle, Facebook froze my laptop. Well, that problem was recently fixed when I found that the photos had somehow become corrupted. But never fear! Not only have those photos been uploaded to Facebook, they are also going to be available for your viewing pleasure on my blog since Michelle is our next model (under scrutiny)! Check out part one:

Luckily for you all, the more disturbing photos from Michelle’s session will be included in part two, so you’ll have ample time to prepare for the damage. But for now, the normal photos of Michelle are going to be presented. The back story is as follows:

Michelle chose the second option for the photo shoot (the one where the model got to do an artistic interpretation of their favorite song lyrics/album). And of course, knowing Michelle, she chose to interpret possibly the most provocative/inappropriate lyrics ever. Being a fan of Nashville’s own dumpster diving glitter princess, Ke$ha, Michelle naturally chose to interpret Ke$ha’s song Cannibal. Initially skeptical, I gave in to this desire, and I must admit, I am rather pleased with the results. Some of those photos and their corresponding lyrics are below:

I have a heart, I swear I do.

But just not baby when it comes to you.

I get so hungry when you say you love me.

I think you’re hot; I think you’re cool.

You’re the kind of guy I’d stalk in school.

But now that I’m famous, you’re up my anus.

(Yes, that last one really is in the song. This is Ke$ha we’re talking about here.)

It took a very high level of creativity for us to do some of these shots. But I found it extremely helpful that Michelle came prepared with all kinds of props for us to use (and we seriously used every single one of them). Upon first looking at these photos, you may think, “That’s so easy, Rhonda. Anyone could do something like this. What’s the big deal?” Well, truthfully, the big deal was coming up with these ideas and then actually implementing them. What a photographer or model pictures in their head is not always how things turn out. Also, to be doing this in the conditions we completed this in (freezing temperatures and Michelle being barefoot), it just made this artistic project just a bit more challenging.

So far, it’s pretty clean, right? Save for the whole “up my anus” thing. And the stalking. Yeah, well, just wait until part two when Michelle stops looking sweet and angelic. Then you’ll be begging for these simplistic photos. 🙂


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