Monochrome Monday #20

Hello, all. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm in my writing today. I currently feel as if my body is trying to rip itself a part from the inside out. Last week, after beginning intensive drills for my volleyball class (like planking – an exercise in which one supports his/her entire body weight on his/her arms), it was near impossible for me to move. Now, after a weekend of recovery, my body has decided that I need to endure more pain. But instead of it being muscle pain from working out, it’s the kind of constant internal pain that has paralyzed me and left me in total agony all day (I honestly can’t describe it. Let’s just say I’m extremely uncomfortable no matter how I stand or lay). Even my attempts to do homework have been overshadowed by my body’s desire to tear itself limb from limb. But despite the discomfort that has kept me near tears most of the day, I still have a new Monochrome Monday post for you (that’s how much I love you guys):

Oh, the cuteness! I’m not usually one to take photos of couples. I mean, I’ve done it before, but not as much as I did during my Pumped Up Kicks shoot. In fact, this may have been the most romantic thing for the two models above (whom I still will not reveal because I’m just not ready to do that quite yet).

This photo has been dubbed Spiderman ❤ Mary Jane. Why? Well, for starters, these two lovebirds are some of the biggest nerds ever (and I can say this because I am, too. I have a stuffed Yoda that I honestly believe watches over me and protects me from harm while I sleep). The male model loves Spiderman (I do, too, but Batman is better, though I argue that Marvel is better than DC on most counts), and the female model is definitely the Mary Jane to his Peter Parker. Secondly, well, remember in the movie when the two first kiss and MJ doesn’t get to see Peter’s face even when she tries to take off his mask? That’s sort of how I feel about the fedora.

I’ve never been in love or anything, but when two models, a couple at that, are so comfortable with each other that they simply act in sync with each other, you just end up getting better results. I didn’t ask them to do this. They just did. Being around each other was so natural for them. And I love natural things because it makes my job so much easier. My photos look less posed and more fluid. What photographer doesn’t want that?

Ok; I’m going to keep this short. I have to finish watching a National Geographic documentary about prenatal development (and no, I am not pregnant – just in case anyone decided to put two and two together what with me feeling extremely icky and the fact that I’m watching a video about prenatal development). It’s for my Infancy/Early Childhood class. Hopefully my body will stop turning against me soon because I have to work it, again, in volleyball tomorrow. This is going to be a long semester.

Happy MLK Jr. Day!


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