A Special Birthday Surprise

I know it’s late (or early, however you wish to look at it), but I really wanted to make a special birthday post for one of my most avid readers/crazy models. Today is Michelle’s 21st birthday, and I thought that it would be a pretty sweet (yet insanely simple) birthday present to surprise Michelle with a little post devoted specifically to her and the best of her modeling. How about helping me celebrate Michelle’s birthday by reading on below (just humor me for a moment):

Michelle has only been one of my models since summer 2010, but she always brings the fun. She ups the crazy quota for sure, and this photo from my music/band photo shoot is no exception. Michelle is quite the colorful character, just like this picture in which she portrays her ridiculous stage persona Louisa, a rapper (wannabe).

There are times when Michelle manages to be serious, even in her own insanity. She has some interesting insights to bring to the table. Behind that quirky mass of curly-wavy-frizzy hair and freckles is an artist of sorts with opinions and thoughts that most people don’t understand, but when you really stop to think about what is being said, you realize that it makes perfect sense (no matter how insane it may sound). Sure, Michelle owns like, 5 pairs of Peruvian pants and she’s oddly obsessed with Ke$ha and writing morbid stories about people having to scoop their eyes out with a spoon, but deep down, that stuff makes sense…I think…

When you’ve known a person since the start of middle school, you come to realize the complexities that those long-term friends have. You come to understand that there are some things you will never get about that person, like why on Earth you’re a better driver than she is and you don’t even drive or why she decided to try making bagels in a rice cooker. But you also realize that there are some things that just wouldn’t be the same if they changed like if you didn’t make drug jokes when she takes her insulin shots because she’s diabetic or understanding that it’s just commonplace in her house to be hit with giant stuffed Pokemon. You come to realize that she’s a beautiful person inside and out but you never say it because it kind of just comes with the territory. You also don’t mention how jealous you are of her ability to not care what others think about her or how mad you are that she is a total genius and you look like the dumbest person in the world whenever you stand next to her. You never say it, but you think it because you’ve been friends since middle school and there are just some things you can never figure out. But you love your friend anyway because she’s everything you wish you could be.

Maybe this is cheesy, but when you have a friend whom you’ve known since 5th grade and are still friends with after all these years, you realize that you know someone who is by far the most interesting person ever. It’s the fact that Michelle randomly texts me at 8 a.m. to tell me to change my name to “Ringda Bell” or that I get on Facebook for her to tell me that she just ate soap (that one just happened). It’s the fact that we throw awesome parties and talk about really stupid things. We tell each other to shut up but never mean it. We stay up late coming up with crazy ideas like were-unicorns and phoenixes. We play punch bug like little kids and watch cartoons like we’ll never grow old. What better friend could you possibly want?

So, Michelle, happy birthday. You are officially “old.” Thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog, a constant source of entertainment, a voice of reason (when you need to be), and most importantly, an amazing friend. Don’t stop being demonic. Don’t stop disturbing young children. Here’s to you and the many years of insanity and adventure we’ve encountered. And remember, we are Shakira because our hips don’t lie.

I bet you didn’t see this coming.

Come back later today for Monochrome Monday! For now, I’m going to bed.


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  1. LOUISAAAAaaaaaa
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 00:11:49

    My… my heart…! My black, shriveled heart! RHONDA YOU ARE A SEXY BEAST and a wonderful friend. 😀


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