Monochrome Monday #21

Hi guys. Thanks for humoring me earlier in celebrating my friend’s birthday. Now I’m back with a brand new Monochrome Monday! I’ll be honest by saying that it is becoming increasingly harder to find images to post every week. As I continue with my photography, I take time to revamp my portfolio every so often. In doing so, I become more and more critical of my work to the point where photos that I once thought were pretty awesome are no longer so awesome and are removed. This is good because it means that I am starting to develop a more detailed eye and expectation for top-notch work. The problem is that I have less to showcase (we’ll worry about the repercussions of that later). But for today, I have found a photo. It is not a traditional MM photo, but it will do:

If you know anything about me and my editing skills, then you know that I am a self-taught Photoshop user. And among the first things I taught myself how to do was isolate colors. True, lots of digital cameras (both point-and-shoots and DSLRs) have settings that will allow you to do this without having to edit, but I find it much more fun to do it myself with various editing software. And since I can do this, I have come to love isolating colors.

Taken during summer 2010 (aka forever ago), this photo, entitled Tiffany Blue, stars my friend Susan. I don’t usually take photos of Susan because she is very self-conscious when it comes to having her picture taken (as many of us are, but she is very particular about how she looks in photos in comparison to most people I know). But we did have a mini photo shoot that summer shortly after she had double eyelid surgery (until that point, I never knew such a thing even existed…possibly because I’m not of Asian descent and was thus born with natural double eyelids).

Anyway. We ended up going to the park later that evening and we found these giant lights. So what better thing to do than get a couple of silhouette shots and this, the above photo. Susan decided to dress up for this mini shoot. And since this dress was so intensely blue (and yes, I realize that the dress is not Tiffany blue. Her sunglasses, on the other hand, were), I figured that isolating the color would be pretty sweet.

I feel as if this is a pretty high fashion statement, more so than anything I’ve ever taken before. This is night life (for minors) at its finest with flashy attire and bright lights. Sure, this really isn’t anything special, but then again, there’s just this air of “cool” hanging about Susan in this photo.

So there you have it. Today’s Monochrome Monday. I’m still working on more updates from my photo shoot from a few weeks ago. There’s still so much to see. But until I post those updates…well, just have a good day!


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