Pumped Up Kicks Look #6: Brett

Good Thursday evening to you all. It’s rather dreary outside and I’m beyond fatigued (longest day of my life, but a good day nonetheless), but I’ve got good music playing and another look at my most recent photo shoot ready for posting:

That’s my friend Brett, a newcomer to my photo shoots.

As most of you may know, Adele has been taking over the music industry with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Though I have met a few people who are not fans of Adele, it is hard to deny that she is actually talented (which is refreshing to say the least, and she sounds amazing live). I, too, find myself to be a fan of Adele, but Brett may possibly be her biggest fan (and I credit him with being the one who really got me into Adele).

I say this especially because Brett decided to interpret the first line of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep for his portion of the photo session. I must admit that I was quite anxious about this because Brett asked me to pull out my arts n’ crafts skills and design a flaming heart for him to use as a prop. For those who know me, you know that I love crafts (see my MM post with the melted crayon art). But I’m no good at drawing or painting. I mean, I draw stick figure comics, but that’s about all I’ve got in terms of that form of artistic talent. I’ve always been more of the coloring, scrapbook making, collage rendering, professional looking works of art courtesy of stencils kind of girl. I love painting and such, but my calling has always been more of the cutting/gluing of construction paper. So to be asked to make a flaming heart…well…let’s just say it was a daunting task.

But, much to my surprise, with a little determination and very low expectations, I was able to oblige and grant Brett’s artistic request to make him the best darn paper flaming heart anyone has ever seen (check it out in the photo below). And pairing that heart with Brett and his love of Adele was definitely worth it.

There’s a fire starting in my heart…

What I love so much about Brett’s interpretation of the lyrics is that it’s so simple. In fact, it’s almost typical and unoriginal which may sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. It’s actually quite the opposite. Adele sings about hurt and pain from failed relationships. And (aside from me and a handful of other people I know) who doesn’t know what that feels like? Who doesn’t know how it feels to be heartbroken, to have loved so strongly, so completely just to lose it all? It’s such a typical experience for most people at some point in their life. You end up heartbroken and spend the next few days (sometimes weeks or even months) just lying in your bed smelling like something has died because you haven’t showered since before your heart got smashed, crying insane amounts of salty water that you didn’t know your body could even produce, and eating your weight in the absolute unhealthiest food you can have delivered after 9 p.m. Every little thing reminds you of your lost love and no one/nothing can comfort you. (Note: This is depression at its finest.)

Like I said, aside from me and a few other people I know, who hasn’t experienced such heartache? There’s nothing new about that. There is, however, something intensely beautiful about the way Adele approaches it. I mean, I’ve always imagined myself getting my heart torn to billions of pieces and listening to every possible breakup/heartbreak song ever made, and truthfully, Adele is now at the top of that list. (Actually, if I were ever heartbroken, I wouldn’t have the physical capability to even hit play on my iTunes, so I’d probably just sleep. But in theory, blasting Adele and singing through the tears would be ideal…like you see in movies…not that I ever want to be heartbroken…the concept just seems so traumatizing, and frankly, there is nothing fun about being heartbroken…)

We could’ve had it all, rolling in the deep. You had my heart inside of your hand, but you played it to the beat.

*(Before I go on, I would just like to take a moment to say a special eulogy for the big collage of my friends that I made the summer before I first came to college. While sitting here typing this post, the fasteners gave way and the acrylic protector sheet dropped a good 5 feet to the floor and shattered the bottom rendering it useless for protecting my collage. With that being said, its death is sad because it has hung so beautifully on my dorm room walls for the past 2.5 years. Though the collage itself is still hanging, the lack of an acrylic sheet makes my collage much more vulnerable to environmental factors. I will miss that acrylic sheet. It did its job well. Those fasteners just couldn’t support its weight anymore. It was a long fight, but they just had to give in. May that acrylic sheet rest in peace.)*

Anyway. Despite one’s feelings of having their heart trampled on, life still goes on. And one day you’ll find your true love, someone who won’t hurt you in the same dramatically traumatic way. You’ll find that one person who cares deeply about you and will do just about anything for you. And sometimes you’ll fight and be angry and say hurtful things, but you’ll work those things out and grow closer and gain respect and trust one another. You won’t have to worry about heartbreak because you’ll have something that you never had before: you’ll have it all [and more]. (Do I believe any of what I just wrote? HA! I’ll get back to you on that one.)

So there you have it. I’ve still got a few more looks at my photo shoot that will be forthcoming within the next few days/weeks. Until then, stay dry and heartbreak-free!


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