Monochrome Monday #22

Good day to you all. It’s time for your favorite start-of-the-week pick-me-up: Monochrome Monday! Today’s post is quite different from any I’ve ever posted simply because the photo is brand new and a total experiment. In all honesty, I don’t really know what I was trying to accomplish with this photo, and it’s not my best work. But I suppose experimenting is exactly what photography is all about, so I guess we’ll just have to figure this one out together.

I already know what you’re thinking: What is this? And truthfully, there are two answers. There’s the realistic explanation and the artistic explanation. The realistic explanation is as such:

Saturday was by far the laziest day I have experienced in a while. I went to bed at like, 2 or 3 a.m. and initially slept until 11. Woke up, found myself bored out of my mind (normal college students have homework. I, on the other hand, find myself with nothing but an exam or two to study for that I am in no way worried about failing because all of the quizzes I’ve taken up to this point are representative of the material that will be covered on said exams, and considering how I have passed all of said quizzes with A’s, I see no real reason to get myself worked up over two days worth of tests), and ended up going back to sleep around 3. When I woke up again from this nap, it was about 5. Come to find out that I had missed a text offering a trip to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, so whilst waiting for a response concerning the projected time of this outing, I decided to play around with my camera.

Saturday was a beautiful day (too bad I spent most of it sleeping), and the sunlight streaming through the little holes in my blinds (you know, the little openings that the cords are strung through) was awesome. So I set my camera to macro, and since the camera goes in and out of focus with any movement, the light created a bokeh effect (the blurring of lights in the background of a photo). Only problem: my camera is not quite a DSLR, so I can’t control aperture or ISO like I would like (which is totally fine, just not for something like bokeh). Instead, I ended up with the above picture of the branches outside of my window.

Now for the artistic explanation: I really have no clue what the heck this is. And maybe that’s why I’m so intrigued by this photo. I’ve entitled it Into the Unknown [Nature Bokeh] because, well, without my having told you how this photo came about, it would be a big unknown. Of course, the first thing I think of when I see this photo is how absolutely eery it is. I mean, it’s like something from a horror movie: cue the creepy sound effects of hollowed wind and creaking stairs, and try not to blink lest some demented hooded-masked figure appears with his bloody chainsaw. (Maybe I’ve seen one too many horror films…or I just have an overactive imagination…probably the latter…)

What I’m getting at is that sometimes you get unexpected results from your experiments. I was trying to get one thing and ended up with another. You never know what’s going to happen, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. I feel that way about my photography. So often I go in with one set of intentions just for those expectations to be completely blown to shreds and replaced with something much more interesting. Sure this photo is simple and not nearly as cool as other photos I’ve posted, but who cares? I participated in my own form of science. Artistic science (man, I never thought I would ever use those two words together).

So there you have it, today’s Monochrome Monday. Go do some photographic experimentation of your own today. Adios muchachos.


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