Monochrome Monday #23

Hello, everyone. Long time no post. Ok; it’s only been a week, but that feels like forever. I have been nothing but busy, and the month of February just started. But it is an awesome month. Why? Because of a very important day that actually just happens to be this Wednesday. And because of this, today’s Monochrome Monday is special.

You might be wondering why I posted flowers for today’s MM. Well, let’s go back to some statements from earlier and come forward to clear things up for you.

I mentioned that the month of February is awesome and that Wednesday is a special day. This is 100% true because Wednesday is my 21st birthday (thus making this my birth month and the month of February completely awesome). And how does this relate to the picture of flowers?

Well, my surrogate mother came to visit me yesterday for my birthday which made me extremely happy. She came with flowers and a balloon in tow which says quite a bit about her character/love for me because she is certainly not the balloon/flower giving (or receiving) kind of woman. But that is fine with me because the flowers (which are pink, purple, and white) are beautiful (there’s glitter on some of them for some odd reason) and I can suck the helium out of the balloon for a few minutes of immature entertainment at some point after my birthday has passed.

The flowers act as kind of this reminder that I am beautiful and worth something. They also act as a metaphor for my growing responsibilities as an adult (you know, because I have to take care of the flowers for them to continue to look nice). Turning 21 is a pretty big deal. To the average college student, it means finally being old enough to purchase one’s own liquor. But I’m not the average college student. For me, turning 21 means realizing that I’m not a little girl anymore. I’ve honestly known this for years, but Wednesday will just solidify that knowledge. I’m growing up. I’ll soon have regular bills to pay and taxes to file and mouths to feed all on my own. In a way, that is exciting and totally worth it, but at the same time, it’s scary. True, I’m still in college, but I began the process for applying for graduation last week. In just one short year, I will be saying goodbye to my undergrad career and deciding if I’m going to continue prolonging my fate as an active citizen of this world by attending grad school or going ahead and entering society by settling down and starting some sort of career.

While my surrogate mother was here yesterday, I asked her if, now that I’m turning 21, I’d have to give up all of my dreams of working on/with children’s media. Will I have to say no to Sesame Street and Crayola and educational youth theatre? Do I have to stop coloring and playing with light sabers and watching classic Nickelodeon whenever I can find it? She said no. She said that what I want to do is important, that I can finally make toys that actually function the way they’re supposed to.

I guess turning 21 just means that I’m one year older and one year closer to being able to fulfill my dreams and make a difference.

Well, Wednesday will be here before you know it. And though I’ll have class and rehearsal and homework, I’m hoping that there might be something that will make my 21st birthday special. I may have to start thinking about my future and how I’m going to survive outside of this little college town, but I guess that’s what being an adult is all about. But hey! Who said being an adult can’t be fun?


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