21 Favorites: Post Birthday Special

Well, I am officially 21 now. An adult. So far, nothing has changed…not that I expected things to be any different… Yesterday was beyond uneventful. Normally, turning 21 entails excessive amounts of partying and purchasing one’s first bottles of alcohol legally. But considering how I don’t drink, that certainly didn’t happen. Instead, I slept until 11, talked to my aunt, went to class from 1-2 and 3-5, had rehearsal from 7-9, did homework from 9-11:30, showered and finally fell asleep around 2 a.m. just to wake up hourly for no reason until I had to wake up officially at 7:30. Thrilling birthday, right? Being an adult is kind of lame (except for the sleeping in part…which won’t last too much longer…). But that’s ok. Turning 21 has its perks, namely that I’m one year more experienced when it comes to my photography. And so, for my birthday (yesterday), I want to present my top 21 favorite photographs that I’ve taken thus far. Most have been featured on the blog before, but others are premiering for the first time ever! Happy birthday to me:

21. The Bare Necessities

I enjoy nature, so naturally (haha), I like taking pictures of flowers and landscapes. Though not my forte, there’s something relaxing about taking photos of the beauty in the world around me.

20. Female Hustla

I spend quite a bit of time discussing photography with my friend Erica. She and I go out on photo adventures whenever we get the chance. Last spring break, I talked her into coming out from behind the camera for once.

19. From Cinderella

Among one of the first photos that got me into photography is the above photo of Eliana. This was also one of the happy accidents and my first experience with a Canon. And to think how far I’ve come since then…

18. Abandoned

Taken during my Hollister shoot, this photo of Heather captures a very rare, tame side of her (trust me).

17. The Rubik’s Cube

Michelle has this very funny way about her, the ability to make any experience a totally amazing adventure. Even with crazy t-shirts and Rubik’s cubes, Michelle (and her alternate rapper persona) has boosted my photography to a whole new level.

16. Hollister Girl

Felicita has been one of my models since my freshman year of college, and with each photo, we both get better and better.

15. The Auditorium

Also among the first photos taken, this was a product of accident and coincidence. I will never forget how the pools of light formed in my former home. Probably one of the best memories I have of that place.

14. Sweet Mary Jane

One of the few photos that I like from my old dinky Olympus, this photo has always been one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because it stars one of my good friends or the fact that this was the first photo in which I really found how great isolating colors is.

13. Flawless Charli

Charli’s great. She’s gorgeous. She’s funny. She’s super sweet. And in this photo, she’s super fierce.

12. The Wicked Stepsisters

Part of a show that I kind of want to forget, this photo spawned from a need to avoid shadows in the background. And then this unexpected result was born.

11. Mary Joy

Every time Mary Jane attends one of my photo shoots, she never ceases to amaze me. We may have to weed through all of the funny faces, but then there are priceless moments like these. Priceless, beautiful moments.

10. Better Than Twilight

Crystal is the next Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence), but she’s also a wonderful model representing we tad bigger boned girls. Don’t hate her ’cause she’s beautiful.

9. Liberation [Part 1]

I’m not Hispanic, but learning about the mujerista for my Religion class was an interesting experience. And I was thankful to have Felicita act as my model.

8. Flicka

As mentioned before, the more Felicita and I work together, the better we get, eh?

7. Sunshine Girl

Sun = amazing. Enough said. (And Erin is really photogenic.)

6. Skye

She’s one of my best friends. She’s been through a lot and yet she still finds a reason to smile.

5. JEANeology (part II)

One of the few things I actually gained from my high school photography class. Intentional actions with unexpected results. Smiley faces and nice jeans.

4. JEANeology

The best accident I have ever had. That is all.

3. Daughters

One of the most breathtaking photos I have ever had the chance to take. Torrin’s mother absolutely loved this Mother’s Day present.

2. Untitled

This photo of Emma used to be my favorite, but it has been outdone. Still, I will never stop loving this photo and all of its perfection.

So which photo has taken over first place as my favorite that I’ve ever taken/edited? The winner is below:

1. Light It Up

Kylie may have been a first timer to my photo shoots, but her Tom Waits impersonation was clever and led to spectacular artistic creation.

So there you go. My top 21 favorites to celebrate my 21st birthday. Have a great day!


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