Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

Ok, I don’t really hate V-day. I just sort of despise this idea that society dictates when we show love for our significant others. Shouldn’t we let them know we love them year round? Why do girls expect so much from their men? And though it is my favorite color, why is everything pink? Of course, I do bear some angst simply because I’m single and have been for the past 21 Valentine’s days of my life (yes, I did just admit to never having been in a relationship). This holiday caters to my kind as well, tempting us with candy and ice cream and cookies to drown out the loneliness. That will not be me, though. Instead, I will indulge in something better, something much more fulfilling. Something like photography. Below are 3 examples of couple photography that I’ve taken (2 you’ve seen before and one brand new):

Long ago, I wrote about how awesome it would be if I worked for Hollister because there was a time when I took photos that belonged in a magazine (being the semi-conceited person that I can be at times). This was one of those photos (entitled Like Ralph Lauren Perfume because, well, this is definitely like an ad for some sort of sexy fragrance. Except for Axe. I refuse for this to be like an ad for Axe). Of course, this is absolutely ironic/hilarious considering how this is a photo of Will and Crystal…neither of whom are into the opposite sex…yet the chemistry between the two is still like that of an old married couple because they are best friends. And I’ve always felt like the best couples of any age or gender or whatever see each other as more than just lovers, but as friends, too. Someone they can talk to and laugh with/at. Someone they can share secrets with. Someone who they can’t stay mad at even if they get in a fight. Whenever I do get to experience love or whatever people call it these days, I want to have a friendship with my significant other. That’s what adds to the chemistry.

Then there’s Kate and Stephen…I’ll leave that alone except to say that couples should enjoy spending time together. When it’s cold outside like it is today (not to mention gray and rainy), it’s nice to cuddle with your significant other. And sure, regulating body temperature is nice and all, but what’s the point of being in a relationship if you don’t even like being around the other person. But here, in this photo, it is evident that Kate and Stephen enjoy being together, even if it is just to stay warm.

And lastly, I finally have a new photo to reveal from my winter break photo shoot. You’ve seen the two before in previous hints that I’ve given, but today, I’m actually going to reveal their identities. Why? Because they are a cute couple that exemplify the two aspects of a relationship that I just outlined (among other things):

Say hello to Emma and her boyfriend Spencer (aka Briggs). [You’ll be seeing more of them soon.]

Emma is not new to my photography, but this was the first time I got to meet her current boo. And though he was new to my photo shoots, he was still a total natural. I love everything about this photo, and I love everything about their chemistry. These two are like best friends. They have a natural chemistry. They enjoy spending time with each other. They have similar interests yet they have their own thoughts and opinions. They care about each other. They trust one another. And that was shown during this photo shoot. They trusted each other in coming up with ideas for photos. And true, some of them were cheesy, like this one, but they obliged for the sake of giving each other a shot. And the results were magnificent. It kind of gave me some hope in this world for love and couples and all of that other teddy bear fluff stuff (my rhyming skills are impeccable).

So, on this day of love and consumerism, enjoy being with your significant other whether that involves going to see Star Wars in 3D (which I would be all gung ho for if it was A New Hope and NOT Phantom Menace) or staying in spending a quiet evening procreating, whatever your fancy. I will be doing neither (especially the procreating because, well, I’m just not that ready to be an adult), but despite my being single, I think I’ll enjoy the fact that there is still some hope left in the world. And if you’re single like me, know that I and your friends and family and so many others love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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