Monochrome Monday #25

Well, look what we have here! My 25th Monochrome Monday post! Crazy! And I think today’s photos (yes, more than one) may very well be perfect for such an occasion. Let me set this up: as I delve deeper into hell week and this semester, I think about how worn out I already am. Part of it could come from still being tired from last semester, and I’m sure a lot of it comes from just being tired from the past 15+ years of school in general. What I am finding is that I haven’t had much time recently to do something as simple as party. That’s right. Dance. Dress up and take pictures and jam to music. Not necessarily with alcohol, because some of the best parties I have attended and hosted have been alcohol-free. But considering my status as a college student (and a newly 21-year-old), partying kind of comes with the territory, and I have not had that experience much as of late. So, in honor of this 25th MM post and my desire to dance the night away for once (instead of doing homework and attending rehearsals), I present the following:

Say hello to Party People. In my last post (Lights), I mentioned how I tend to draw a great deal of creative inspiration from the music I listen to. This also applies to the normal aspects of the life I lead. In terms of my daily routine, music is 100% prevalent. I listen to music on my way to class. I listen to music while I’m just chilling in my room.

Confession: I like to dance when no one’s watching. (Then again, who doesn’t?)

As a precursor to our 21st birthdays, Michelle (below) and I decided to throw ourselves a party. The theme: Ke$ha. In all honesty, Ke$ha may very well be Michelle’s unhealthy obsession (among other things like Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – both of which have garnered quite the cult following amongst young adults), and I am nothing more than an enabler. But when you really think about it, Nashville’s own dumpster diving glitter princess is the epitome of the party scene. So why not theme one’s pre-21 birthday party after such an epitome? So we met up with Susan (above), glitter-fied ourselves (and yes, I realize that glitter-fied is not actually a word), and took pictures whilst jamming to party music.

The thing about these photos is not that they are actually of any photographic value (you know, in the sense of being artistic or portfolio worthy or anything). No, it’s that these two photos are about having fun (though the one of Susan doesn’t really make it look like she was having fun – but note: she was totally in the zone). It’s been a moment since I’ve really had fun. I mean, sure, I play volleyball twice a week which I enjoy, and I’m involved in a theatrical production which is nice, but I can’t actually remember when I last had fun (ok, it was about 2 months ago during winter break).

When you’re constantly in this state of busyness having to focus on work and class and rehearsal and homework and personal problems and planning your future (or arguing about the lack thereof), you tend to lose sight of this idea of enjoying life and all it has to offer. For me, that means not having time for photography or dance parties or having simple (read: non-argumentative) conversations with people who I enjoy being around. Every so often, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out in your best club attire and working the middle of a dance floor. And it doesn’t matter if that dance floor is super crowded or in the privacy of your own room (the latter is my preferred arena, though prom was a completely different story).

This is advice that I’m going to have to take for myself with hell week taking control and other stressors rising and fighting for my time. So I’m asking you to do the same, to take some time this week to dance. Party. Act a fool. Sing your favorite party song at the top of your lungs. Blow your eardrums out on some dubstep. Why? Because life is far too short and stressful to forget what it’s like to be a bit carefree. Grab a friend, let your hair down, and just let go.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” – William Purkey

Happy Monday!


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