Something Like Magic

Last night was opening night of the world premier play This is My Heart for You by Kentucky writer Silas House. To think that auditions were held in early January and in only 6 short weeks, we opened to a sold out house, very few technical errors, and a fantastic response. And what’s even more impressive is that the show is almost completely sold out. There are 6 tickets left for tonight, Friday and Saturday are sold out, and only about 25 tickets remain for Sunday. But before I continue on about how nice it is to return to the theatre, let’s add some photography to the mix:

I decided to capture part of the pre-performance process last night. There’s just something so interesting about being in a greenroom on opening night. Everyone’s nerves have risen. Energy is high. Anxiousness surrounds everyone. If you’ve never been in this sort of predicament, it’s an incredible atmosphere, a wonderful experience (and certainly not for the faint of heart).

Being that I love that kind of atmosphere, I took advantage of such a wonderful photo opp and found myself talking to the actors and listening to their buzz and excitement. And there’s nothing else I love more about theatre than to be surrounded by people in such a beautifully chaotic setting who are just as invested in a work of art as I am.

I enjoy being apart of something bigger than myself. Sometimes I feel as if my role isn’t as important as some people claim, but it still feels nice to say that I contributed to something, even if it was just line notes and a bunch of random pep talks. Knowing that these people have worked so hard to put together something as spectacular as a play produces a very rewarding feeling.

I’m going to keep this short simply because the house opens in 30 minutes and I need to get backstage. Happy Thursday.


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