Monochrome Monday #26

It’s Monday. And I almost forgot that I blog on Mondays. That’s ok because I have valid reasons for forgetting. For starters, we began learning about physics in my science class, and we definitely got to play paper football in which I beat my friend Erin 25-6 (there once was a time when playing paper football would have gotten children in trouble during class, but not anymore). Secondly, it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside. The sun was shining, the temperature was amazing, and it’s getting increasingly closer to spring (and more importantly, summer). Thirdly…yeah, I don’t know why I almost forgot to post for you all. But never fear, I am posting now. What reminded me to post was a few comments on my Facebook. One friend said that she showed a friend of hers some of my work and the person said that the photos were beautiful and looked professional (with my friend responding with, “That’s because they are”). Along with that, it’s that time of year to begin thinking of new photo shoot ideas (and trust me, the creative gears of my brain are turning), and Briggs voiced his personal hope that I would return to Nashville to have yet another photo shoot with he and his girlfriend Emma. Speaking of those two, let’s get into today’s Monochrome Monday:

Aw, how cute! How sweet! Have you ever since anything more delightful? Better than puppies and rainbows and unicorns and such? I haven’t (ok, maybe I have, but I can’t think of anything right now). There’s just something about cute things that makes me want to vomit. And this cute thing is called Lucky Love (look, my creative genius has been overpowered by the physics lesson).

Emma and Briggs have quite the chemistry on and off camera. And the fact that the two of them enjoyed my shoot so much is actually really encouraging. Especially considering how both have approached me recently about wanting me to have another shoot, one where both can participate. And though it probably won’t be another hipster shoot, the fact that they are interested is just reason for me to come up with something as exciting as all of my models tend to be.

What do I love about this photo (you know, aside from the cuteness)? The look on Brigg’s face as he enjoys the little PDA from Emma. Emma’s willingness to even show some PDA. The fact that neither of them seem to care that it was 30 degrees outside that day, just as long as they were spending the day together. It’s that kind of thing that makes cuteness so sickening (in a good way, of course).

I promise that I’m working on the rest of the posts concerning my latest photo shoot. True, it was two months ago (almost 3), but with me being involved in a theatrical production, all extra time was completely eaten up. But not anymore! The show, which sold out, was quite the success, got people thinking, and even has several offers to tour throughout the Appalachian region. Cool? Yeah. That never happened in high school (except that one time senior year when we were asked to perform our Black History Month piece at one of the local middle schools…how I remember that, I don’t know…possibly because I had to fill in for one of the lead actresses since she couldn’t attend…terrified much? Yeah…). But I promise that I’m working on it. And since spring is coming, I’ll have even more new stuff to present because this is the time of year when people want pictures taken like no other. One of these days I’ll get a break, but until then, I guess I’ll just remain busy. Oh well.

So there you have it: a short but sweet MM. I’m glad I didn’t forget you all. Have a great evening!


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