What Will Be MPS’s Next Photo Shoot Theme?

Hey, readers! It’s super late/early (however you so choose to look at it…for me, it’s late). I stayed up to get a head start on some homework (I have to take notes on 120 pages worth of reading). I probably wouldn’t be up this late if it weren’t for the fact that I hung out with two of my residents for much later than I had intended thus causing me to start on my homework much later than initially desired. Anyway, I have a wonderful surprise for you all! And how fitting that it fall on such a special day as February 29th! This day only comes every 4 years! (Oh, leap years.) You’re probably wondering what the surprise is, unless you read the title of this post which gave you only an inkling of what is to come. Truth is, you all are about to get the opportunity to help me decide on what my next photo project should be (or rather, help me decide the order in which I go about completing the various photo ideas my friends and I have come up with)! But first, let’s get you acquainted with the options:

Option 1: Prom/Formal Attire

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. There’s just something classy about prom attire, but rather than this just being a bunch of models in prom dresses standing by some flowers, I’d rather spruce things up by pairing the formal attire with grunge backgrounds or nontraditional scenery.

Option 2: When I Grow Up/Through a Child’s Eyes

The way I explained this to a friend earlier was that each model would get to embrace their inner child. They could dress up as a superhero or anything, just as long as they were allowing themselves to see the world through the eyes of a child. I picture this being a fun way to express oneself and their own personal childhood dreams.

Option 3: Evil Disney Princesses

So I’ve already done the whole modern fairy tale thing, but one of my friends still made the suggestion of a live action Disney photo theme. In thinking about how to do a different take on a Disney shoot, I immediately thought of the above images of the evil Disney princesses. Though dark and cynical, I think this could still be a very artistic and amazingly wonderful experience.

Option 4: Greek Mythology/Fantasy

I’ve gotten quite a few nods for this one. This isn’t going to be your typical toga party. I picture more of a mythical, fantastical adventure with water fairies and woodland creatures and Michelle as Medusa (her call, not mine). The gods of Mt. Olympus have come to play in my imagination (I have always loved Greek mythology) and turning that into an artistic representation would be pretty darn sweet and beautiful.

So there you have it. Four incredibly valid and exceptionally worthy themes. But now it is up to you all to vote and tell me which you would really like to see come alive this spring/summer. It’s going to take a lot of planning to get these projects off the ground, but ’tis the season for photography! So vote below using the awesome poll I made. You can even give more suggestions, whatever you please. I love challenges! So go vote! Right now! For real! Do it! And happy leap day! (Now I shall go to bed and enjoy falling asleep to the sound of the coming storm outside. Night! Or morning! Whichever!)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. mary jane
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 09:53:01

    eyes of a child! ohmygod genius. probably gonna have to be a ninja turtle. something kickass. i was always the kickass princess who didn’t need a prince.


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