Pumped Up Kicks Look #7: Rachel

Hey, everybody! I apologize for the lack of a Monochrome Monday post yesterday. The AC adapter for my laptop broke a few days ago, so I’ve had to use my computer sparingly in hopes that it wouldn’t die altogether, especially if I really needed to use it. Luckily, the new charger I ordered has been delivered and I can go pick it up (it’s kind of sad that the only mail I get here at school is stuff that I buy for myself). So to make up for not having an MM post yesterday (and to take advantage of the fact that classes are cancelled today for our faux Labor Day), I present to you (finally) a new look at my Pumped Up Kicks shoot from winter break. Check it out:

Today we shall be looking at a few photos of my friend Rachel. She is not new to my photo shoots, but it’s been awhile since she’s been able to attend one what with her going to school all the way across the country in Seattle. But since winter break is longer and she was going to Australia shortly afterwards, she was able to make an appearance. And if anything, Rachel belonged at this shoot because she is a hipster (it’s just what Seattle does to people). Some of her best photos are below.

Rachel’s style has always been a quirky one from the moment I met her in 7th grade to this very day. She’s always been the one to make random arm warmers out of old, colorful socks. She’s one of the few people I know who can successfully pull off and get away with layering patterns that wouldn’t normally match (like stripes and polka dots and tie-dye and plaid…all at the same time). I could say that I am jealous of that ability, but I am not (I’ve always been more of the jeans/solid t-shirt/hoodie kind of girl). But the fact that Rachel has always been able to pull off said crazy style is still pretty impressive.

Also in true hipster fashion is Rachel’s care for the environment. This photo has nothing to do with that, but it’s still important to note because this was a tribute to hipsters everywhere and they’re supposed to be all environmentally friendly (save for the fact that a lot of them smoke and there is no way that cigarette smoke is eco-friendly). Sometimes I think that Rachel tries to single-handedly save the environment, and though that isn’t actually possible, the fact that she’s so passionate about it is pretty cool (in a “I’m glad I tend to do things to save the environment, too, so people like Rachel won’t kill me” kind of way).

I like this picture. I think this is how Rachel is best known for appearing. She’s that kind of person who, for the most part, tries to go through life asking questions and understanding. This is one of those moments. You’ll never have a dull conversation with Rachel around (except for that one time where she and some other people talked about garden gnomes everyday at lunch for, like, a week…that got old…), and she’s full of a special kind of imagination, one that you tend to see in artsy, activist type people. And maybe by moving to Seattle, that has just accentuated the kind of openly caring person that Rachel can be.

This is by far my favorite picture of Rachel from the entire shoot. It’s adorable. It’s fun. It’s kind of the epitome of that entire day. Sure, it was freezing outside. Sure, the sun was shining directly in our faces. Sure, we hiked all over that park. But we also had fun. We had a great time just hanging out with each other and laughing and enjoying the fact that it was winter break and we were taking pictures and having a swell time. And to have taken a picture that captured that…well, I don’t think I would have it any other way.

Again, sorry for those who were so much anticipating a new Monochrome Monday. That should be up and running next week. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, go to my post entitled What Will Be MPS’s Next Photo Shoot Theme and vote for what you think my next photo shoot idea should be. I think I have an idea of the final winner, but you can still make your voice heard! So go vote!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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