Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Bloopers

As I was backing up some files to my external hard drive a few days ago, I had the most brilliant idea: let you guys see what really happens during one of my photo shoots. Sure, you all get to see all of the finished products and beautiful portraits, but what you guys don’t get to see is all of the awkwardly hilarious moments that happen in between. Photography is definitely more than just technique and hard work. There’s also a lot of fun and games! Check it out (I apologize to my friends in advance. All of my readers are about to see the craziness that is our photo shoots. Luckily for my friends, they’ve already seen all of these photos):

The bloopers from my photo shoots can easily be grouped into different categories. Each blooper below has a story behind it, and I hope you find them just as entertaining as I do.


Sometimes I make them do awkward things. – This should have been a high-class photo. Instead, I got this followed by an immediate, “Rhonda, this just isn’t working” response. At least they laughed about it.

My models trying to avoid getting rained on. See how that’s working out for them. – They planned this, but it’s still a little awkward in the sense that that is the world’s saddest umbrella. Silly kids; it’s not even raining.


“Don’t take pictures of me while I’m talking on the phone!” – Emma – Occasionally, my models feel the need to slow down the photo taking process by allowing themselves to be distracted by technology. And then they make faces at me when I catch them off guard.

Technology – This is actually Julie interrupting my shoot. She called both of them multiple times trying to find us (rather than, you know, calling the person actually in charge of the shoot…) leaving them both voice mails and forcing them to play the world’s longest game of phone tag in the middle of use working.

Releasing “Pent Up Frustration”:

Yeah…Kate doesn’t look like much of a “Strong Woman” so she just let it go eventually. – We were coming up with ideas of things to do, one of which was to pick up Stephen, something Kate claimed she couldn’t do. So they stopped to be feminists for a minute to try to show off their mad skills. With Skye being a skilled dancer, she was clearly the winner in terms of muscle. Mary Jane, of course, is just a ball of fury anyway, so she could hold her own if she needed to. But Kate? Yeah…not to much…

“Rachel! Stop moving the ground!” – Kylie – When faced with 30 degree weather, what better way to stay warm than to try to beat each other up with giant branches and torn umbrellas? Sometimes when you’re fed up with the system, you go through a legitimate battle sequence like Dragon Ball Z. (Disclaimer: No spirit bombs or kamehameha waves were used in the filming of this sequence. Besides, it takes, like, 3 or 4 episodes to build both of those attacks, and we just didn’t have time for that.)

Chokehold? He’s dangerous. Watch out. No worries. No one was hurt in the taking of this picture. I promise. They’re trained professionals. – This has been their friendship since prom night when we were all at Anatolia’s and they tried to stab each other with forks. From that moment on, all they do is torture each other with rat poison candy and headlocks. And all I am is an enabler when I take photos of this without doing anything about it.

Mary Jane Moments:

We were poking a little fun at someone we know who is overly dramatic for no reason sometimes. – Mary Jane gets her own category because there are some blooper moments that will only come from her, things that only she would/could do. This is one of them. We had to poke a little fun at Julie for being so over dramatic in nearly every photo of her that I’ve taken. Luckily for Julie, this photo was taken out of love and Julie has gotten ten times better at toning down the dramatic poses.

“You’re your own radio!” – Skye “There’s music 24/7!” – Mary Jane – Every so often, Mary Jane takes a dance break. It’s normal. I’m used to it. And I couldn’t imagine a photo shoot without one…or ten…

Faces (The Good, The Bad, The…What Am I Saying? They’re ALL Bad):

This is actually a classic “Mary Jane storytelling” face. – That statement is so true. I get this face a lot. (I get to see a lot of random faces when I’m with Mary Jane.) And like I said above, no photo shoot is complete without couple dozen MJ moments.

I have no words for this. – And I don’t. Erin did this all on her own.

Oh Zoe… – That is all. (This is pretty standard for her. I’m always surprised when she acts serious in any way.)

“Wow. It’s out of tune.” – Stephen “I was about to say. That just didn’t sound right at all.” – Me “That’s sad.” – Kate “Yeah, you know it’s sad when a person who doesn’t even play the bagpipes knows when it’s out of tune.” – Me – I may not play the bagpipes, but I certainly know when they are out of tune. And on this day, as Stephen was piecing together his bagpipes, I definitely figured out that they were out of tune.

Everything In Between:

One of the best photo bloopers EVER! – Julie never did understand what was happening. This and the subsequent moments put a temporary pause to our shoot because I just couldn’t stop my body from shaking from laughter.

“Michelle, all I ask is that you at least keep your hair out of your face!” – Me – I have willingly admitted to Michelle that I am 100% aware that I will never get a normal photo out of her. In fact, I am 100% aware that this phenom of abnormal photos is completely intentional. Michelle does this on purpose. I expect it and am totally fine with it…that is, until she does things like this in which she is extremely difficult.

And then there are THESE moments. Ones I can’t even begin to explain because nothing I could say would do this photo any justice. There are some things in this world that we more normal folk are not meant to understand, and Michelle’s antics are one of them. So I just learn to put up with things like this because the beautiful portrait results I get from my photo shoots far outweigh things like…this. But I wouldn’t have my photo shoots any other way because it’s things like all of these outtakes that make my line of work so much more exciting. If I’m going to spend hours of my life devoted to capturing memories, well, I might as well enjoy all of it…even if it means being utterly confused and a tad ashamed to call these people my friends. 😀


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