Pumped Up Kicks Final Look: Briggs & Emma

Well, here we are at the end of quite an interesting journey. One day, freezing temperatures, about a hundred pictures total, and 3 months later, I have for you the final look at my Pumped Up Kicks photo shoot. I have truly enjoyed posting and writing about these photos and my amazing models. This has probably been my best shoot to date simply because I have gotten so much better in my photography than I was a year or two ago when doing past photo shoots. My themes are becoming more and more creative elaborate and well thought out. My models are becoming more comfortable with themselves and the camera. And every new shoot just makes me what to go even bigger and get even more skilled. With that being said, please enjoy the grand finale of my winter break photo shoot. You won’t be disappointed:

I’ve already showcased the individual portraits of both Emma and Briggs, and I’ve even shown off some of the photos of the two of them together. But here are some more of my favorites.

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I absolutely love the choice of outfits for both Emma and Briggs. Of course, it actually took them a moment to truly understand what I meant by “hipster.” I remember Emma asking me all kinds of questions trying to figure out what exactly I wanted. I am not the kind of photographer to dictate the exact outfit I want someone to wear unless the model just proves completely clueless or indecisive (which has actually happened before. I had to raid Kate’s closet to find her some outfits for a shoot, and Susan and I had to take Stephen shopping to help him find a shirt or two once). Otherwise, I simply provide the theme and give the models some basic rules/options/ideas via YouTube and Google. So after a few conversations and a couple of images of inspiration, Emma and Briggs came up with the above outfits. And I couldn’t be prouder of the results. Fashion-wise, they definitely look like hipsters/indie kids which is exactly what I was going for.

Another thing about me as a photographer is that I don’t particularly like to dictate how my models pose. Or at least, not for every shot. Because I preach the whole “au naturel” thing, I have this whole complex against models who tell me to tell them exactly what I want them to do. That’s not as natural as my models coming up with things on their own. The above photo is a product of my models taking free reign of their own photos. Sure, it’s not the most natural pose, but it came from their minds which makes it much more authentic to me. I don’t mind directing, but the models are just as much apart of the shoot as I am, and I want to give them a chance to have a say in how their photos turn out, too.

The chemistry between Emma and Briggs is perfect for photographs. They are extremely comfortable around each other, and they are really comfortable in front of the camera. That makes my job ten times easier because I get to capture such fluid images of my models interacting with one another while never having to worry about them looking uncomfortable in a shot. That’s definitely a photographer’s dream, and I got that in every image with Briggs and Emma (even at times when they picked on each other for their seemingly cheesy poses).

Even in the face of silliness, these two were absolutely perfect to work with. When all else fails in terms of poses, bite your girlfriend’s nose. It’s definitely a bit unorthodox (at least in terms of the standard Eskimo kiss), but it’s what a photographer like myself enjoys seeing. There was never a moment in this entire shoot where I was bored or when my models were unsure of themselves. Even when doing silly things, the results were phenomenal.

Ah yes, the last photo. If I could do just a simple fashion shoot, I would. I’ve done some fashion work, but an entire shoot focused solely on the fashion and taking magazine styled photos would be amazing. And these two would be my first choice models. It’s nice to have people who are so willing to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. It’s not everyday that you’re asked to represent a subculture that you’re not even apart of and know little about. But all of my models pulled it off well, and I am beyond proud of the work we did with this shoot. And I hope you all enjoyed seeing these images just as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Before I sign off for the day, there’s a few things I want to tell you all/remind you of:

  1. If you’re interested in seeing some more amazing photography (not done by me), check out my friend Sammy’s blog, Think Design. She’s a pretty awesome girl who does both photography and graphic design. You can also get to her blog via my blogroll in the sidebar of my blog.
  2. This coming Sunday starts my week-long celebration of my blog’s one year anniversary! That means more photography, more of my “thoughtful” rants, and more opportunity to lose yourself in the crazy world I live in. I hope you all will continue coming back to the blog to celebrate this achievement with me.
  3. Most importantly, have a great Thursday!

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