Anniversary Extravaganza Special #1: Corey & Stephen

It’s the last day of spring break, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than laying here in bed flipping back and forth between a cheerleading competition and ABC Family’s (monthly) Harry Potter marathon. I have done a total of nothing this whole break aside from eat a ton of pasta salad, watch some cartoons, sleep, and work. Perfection? You bet. But now it’s back to class for a few more weeks until my Easter weekend adventure at home. In the meantime, it’s time to start the week-long countdown celebration to this here blog’s one year anniversary! Every day you can expect a post revealing some never before seen photos of some of my models all leading up to this Saturday’s birthday post. Shall we get started? We shall! Today, I’m reintroducing two of my most frequent male models – Corey and Stephen:


I would like to point out in advance that though Corey is wearing the same shirt in all four of the following photos, they are actually from two completely different photo shoots.

Corey is a diva. There is no disputing this even if he wanted to. He’s a very classy dresser caring very much about his fedoras and shades. (I suppose that would make him a fashionista of sorts.) It just wouldn’t be Corey without either of those items…especially the fedora. It’s just a part of who he is. And because of this, every photo shoot that Corey has attended has to be fit enough for him to wear those accessories. Though I’m not much into Chanel and Gucci and over-priced designers, Corey is cool with that kind of lifestyle (though I will give him credit on shopping super clearance for his stuff).

I remember my modern fairy tale collaboration shoot with Ashton back in January. Corey wasn’t entirely certain what he should be, so he kind of just threw on his typical casual attire which proved rustic enough to pass as Robin Hood. I’m not entirely certain if Corey is the kind of person who is into “roughin’ it” in the woods and stealing money from the wealthy to give to the poor, but that didn’t stop him from having fun pretending to be that kind of person during this photo shoot.

Though I only really get to see Corey about two or three times a year, it’s still nice to have a little testosterone at my photo shoots. It’s gotten to the point that whenever I go home, he expects for there to be a shoot for him to attend. Then again, who wouldn’t want free pictures from yours truly? (Haha, I’m definitely not as conceited as I sound. I promise.)


The other, frequent, source of testosterone in my photo shoots comes from Stephen. He’s typically around because of Kate, but he does have something interesting to bring to the table. Of course, sometimes in my photo shoots, to get a theme across, I have to do a little extra to guide my models. For my Scene shoot, Susan (aka: my fashion consultant) and I had to take Stephen shopping to find him an appropriate preppy ensemble. This took several hours over the span of a few days to figure out. Trips to Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister proved frustrating. I mean, 80 bucks for a shirt? 50 bucks for some shorts? No, that’s not ok. But with some persistence, we found him two shirts (one pictured above) and a pair of shorts. The things we do for photography. I would say that, in the end, it was all worth it. I mean, look at the isolation of color on that shirt! I’d definitely say that it was worth the mad mall hunting.

And then there are the times when I end up truly stunned by the things my models come up with. Summer 2010 brought a fun music themed shoot. Stephen went from a very casual look (he and Kate both wore plaid, so we called their band The White Plaids, a parody of The White Stripes) to a full-out Scottish get-up. Yes, those are real bagpipes. Yes, that is a kilt. Yes, I let that happen. Stephen has a bunch of random instruments in his house. The bagpipes, a hammered dulcimer, a piano…that’s just Stephen, I guess. At least he can say that he tries to embrace his heritage. Even if the bagpipes were out of tune…

I’ve learned over the years not to be surprised by the things my models come up with. I mean, when they wear fedoras and kilts, you kind of just learn to expect anything. And as a photographer, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like surprises. And I can truthfully say that I am never bored when I’ve got my fedora/stunner shade/kilt wearing, bagpipe wielding boys at my photo shoots.


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