Anniversary Extravaganza Special #2: Zoe & Emma

Spring break is officially over. I ended the time off last night by having dinner with some of my residents. We picked crabs that one of the girls brought back from her home in Maryland. For those of you who have never picked crabs, it’s a fun time (if you don’t mind getting your hands covered in crab guts), even if one does end up reeking of crabs and Old Bay seasoning for the days to follow (as I do, though a shower last night definitely helped). I couldn’t ask for a better end to a very easygoing break. But alas, we shall move onward. In lieu of the standard Monochrome Monday post, I have the second installment of the week-long anniversary celebration for the blog. Today is dedicated to my two youngest (frequent) models – Zoe and Emma:


I would like to begin by pointing out how absolutely adorable Zoe is. I would also like to point out how incredibly difficult she can be to work with. I say that, of course, with all of the love in my heart. The second photo is the kind of difficulty yet cuteness that I love so much about Zoe. Sure, she hardly ever takes things seriously when we’re trying to get a photo shoot done, but she certainly has a great deal of fun while we’re working.

Zoe brings energy to any room she walks in, but a room is far too containing. I think this is why I enjoy photo shoots with Zoe. I always work outdoors (for now anyway), so the entire place becomes Zoe’s playground. The sky truly becomes the limit. In the great words of Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players.” And that is so true when it comes to my photography. I let my models do just about anything, even if it means that I just end up staring at them in disdain, rolling my eyes at their constant silliness. They are given artistic freedom to play however they so choose, and the results are always more than satisfying.


Emma is the same way. Full of energy and charisma. I’m always amazed by the level of work she produces. It’s as if I, as the photographer, never have to work super hard to get a good photo. Emma does most of the work. But even then, it never seems or feels as if she’s working that hard because everything she does in front of the camera is so natural.

Emma is stunning in a way that most of my older models are not. Sure, my other models are just as beautiful and interesting as Emma, but they aren’t necessarily the biggest risk takers. They don’t always ask questions when they’re confused. They expect me to know exactly what they should do at all times. Sometimes I think that simply stems from my personality in high school in which I was the mother hen and knew exactly what needed to be done at all times. But Emma is a different kind of little chickadee. She’s very much a go-getter and will try anything at any moment in the name of art. (Or simply for the sake of a fun time.)

Getting to work with Zoe and Emma has been one of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer. It’s not everyday that you can say that you still talk to two of the little 6th graders that you helped teach theatre to as volunteer work. To be able to say that you’ve watched them grow, literally right in front of your very eyes/camera lens…it’s an awesome feeling. Typically people say that they are proud or honored to get to work with a particular photographer or director. But for me, I am humbled to be able to work with two amazing young women who outshine even the oldest model.


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