Anniversary Extravaganza Special #4: Michelle & Kate

Happy hump day! Please don’t actually go around humping people. I doubt very many people would like that (ok, that is a lie. I can name quite a few dozen people who would enjoy that, but I’d just go ahead and avoid the lawsuit from that one unsuspecting victim who just wasn’t feeling your friendly…public display of affection). Anyway. Day number 4 of the one year anniversary extravaganza is ready for posting. Today it’s all about Michelle and Kate:

Note: All of today’s photos come from summer 2010’s music shoot.


Oh Michelle…how can you not love her? She is, after all, the most insane of all my friends/models. And though her insanity is cause for much fear and worry, it also makes my job as a photographer ten times more exciting. In the above photos, Michelle is modeling as her alter ego, rapper prodigy Louisa. (And to think that this goes all the way back to a random afternoon after school while I was waiting on Michelle as she did some botany experiment. See what science does to people?)

Michelle is the kind of person who dreams about doing a million different things like becoming a famous rapper or learning enough languages in order to be dubbed a polyglot, yet she really only manages to succeed in spending far too much time on the internet and becoming even more sleep deprived than all of the students in one high school combined. But through that sleep deprivation and increased knowledge of nothing really all that useful (like when Ke$ha’s next album is going to be released), you get things like the above. Hot pink pants, sunglasses that make one look like a bug, lab goggles, and (not shown in this series of photos) an awkward green mesh thing.

As I’ve stated before, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. Anything is possible at my photo shoots.


Of course, it is nice to have someone a bit more normal take part in my photo sessions. Kate is always that person. Everyone around her could dress as a clown and she would still choose jeans and a tank top of some sort. For this particular portion of the shoot, we got to dress things up a little by giving her the boyfriend look. She was actually supposed to hold Stephen’s shirt until he was ready to change into it from his bagpipe-kilt get-up, but she eventually got lazy and just put it on. Needless to say, it turned out to be a fashion-genius idea.

Sometimes I think Kate puts up with me as a photographer because she feels obligated to do so. I mean, I make her climb up rocks and lay in the grass even though she’s kind of allergic to it (and eggs, and ice cream, and dogs and cats even though she has a million of them at her house). But she just laughs it off and does it anyway. She may not be one much big on outdoor adventures, but she tries her best anyway which I fully appreciate.

These are the kinds of models that I like having. It’s a balance sort of thing. There are the people like Michelle who keep me on my toes. And then there are those like Kate who keep me rooted to the ground. I see it like this: I’m the balloon tied to a string. Michelle is the helium that fills the balloon and lifts it up to the sky, but Kate is the paperweight at the end of the string keeping it from flying too far away. I get to see a lot up in the sky, but I never have to worry about getting too lost up there. And I like it that way.


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