Anniversary Extravaganza Special #5: Charli & Skye

Thursdays are so long! I feel like I’m going to die with all I have to do today. I wish that I could say that I would get to call it quits once the school year ends in 6 weeks, but I’m taking a class over the summer (and by over the summer, I really just mean a 4 week course during the month of May). Summer is going to be pretty laid back…if I ever make it there. But until then, how about another post in our week-long anniversary celebration? Today’s models are Charli and Skye:


I absolutely love having Charli as one of my models. On any other given day, I refer to her as my “kid buddy” because the two of us are very much like little kids when we are together (from watching classic ’90s cartoons on Netflix to looking like we’re 8 years old in pictures we take together). But when it comes to modeling, Charli is very much in the zone (when she’s not goofing off, of course). There’s just something so magical about Charli. She’s one of the nicest people I have ever met who genuinely cares about the well-being of everyone around her. And to get to work with her as a model for my photography is just as astounding. I think it’s because her inner beauty radiates so brightly and just accentuates how adorable she is outwardly. I love working with Charli because I know that she’s going to give it her all just like with everything else she does.


Ok, I am extremely partial to anything dealing with Skye. After all, she is my best friend and has been since we were 12. And though we have both been extremely busy since we graduated from high school, we still always seem to find a way to connect whether through the random text message, phone call, or even the occasional impromptu photo session. So in my partiality, I can say that Skye is by far the most beautiful person I have ever met (both inside and out, but especially inside). It might be the fact that she is a dancer, so she channels beauty all of the time. Or it could just be that, like me, she has an incredible story to tell about defying all odds and continuing to fight for her dreams and future. In a way, I would say that I look up to Skye in all her beauty and passion. And though I pick on her for being obsessed with dance (which she argues is a way of life, and I couldn’t agree more in all honesty), I respect her for the amount of art that she contributes to the world.

Each of my models are special and important to me for various reasons. Charli and Skye happen to be the two who present me with a special kind of beauty. It’s not just that they are physically attractive. It’s the fact that the two of them are always so supportive, even though I don’t get to see them often. As a budding photographer, it is imperative for me to have people who support me and the work I do, and it’s even more important for me to be able to work with those type of people as my models. Awesomeness seems to be a pretty transferable thing. If you surround yourself with awesome people, you might very well learn to garner some of that awesomeness as well to spread to others. And I have the pleasure of being surrounded by all things awesome when I do photography, and I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way.


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