Monochrome Monday #28

Happy cloudy Monday! I have finally come off the high of having celebrated one whole year of this little blog of mine, but just when I think things are going to return to normal, I get hit with some amazing photographic opportunities! I can’t wait to share them all with you. But until then, how about a new Monochrome Monday? I thought I would be able to leave behind my Pumped Up Kicks photo shoot, but then I remembered the following photo:

I call this photo Top of the Morning. That’s just the kind of vibe I get from this; kind of like Mary Poppins, but not entirely since Briggs isn’t a chimney sweeper.

I love this photo simply because of  its cleverness and how it reflects Briggs’ personality. He’s a very kind fellow, a gentleman. He’s the kind of person who loves intellectual conversations, and even if he disagrees with something you say, he’s very respectful about it. That’s not something you can say about a lot of people in a world full of ignorance and such.

Maybe it’s the tip of the hat or the facial expression that makes me want to laugh when I see this. Because when I look at this picture, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, as if I’m personally being bid a good day. It’s almost as if Briggs is acknowledging all of the people who are walking by, even the viewer, despite his facing away from the camera. But that’s all ok because you know that he is merrily acknowledging someone in the hopes that they will have a pleasant day simply because Briggs decided to stop just to say hello.

This is very fitting for the current situation happening on campus right now. In fact, this entire school year has been plagued with “racist and bigoted” comments via Twitter and speeches at concerts, shootings, protests, tornadoes, etc. It’s like no one has really had a reason to smile because humanity is so caught up in itself instead of caring about others. So I see this photo and I think, “Wow, there is still someone who can walk down the street and do something as simple as smile and tip his hat to a passerby. Why can’t more people be like that?” Everyone on campus right now is speaking of our college “losing its moral compass,” and all I can think of is why are we fighting so hard and so much?

So, if I were wearing a hat, I would tip my hat for you. And if it were morning, I would say, “Top of the morning to you, kind readers.” But instead, I will say, try to smile at one random person today. If everyone did that, I think humanity would be much happier. Good day to you!


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