Monochrome Monday #29

Happy day after April Fool’s Day! (I don’t quite know how I can be so chipper typing that considering how immensely stressed I am at this very moment. Maybe this post will change that.) I hope you all got to enjoy a day of clever pranks and harmless trickery. I, sadly, did not get the chance to appropriately execute anything clever or worthy enough with which to trick the world since last week was so busy for me, but that’s perfectly ok. Besides, what I had in mind for tricking my surrogate mother and friends with would have gotten me shot, and since I value my life, I think I made the right decision to pass up the last-minute April Fool’s prank. I have a wonderful post-April Fool’s Day Monochrome Monday post for you all. I think that it really sums up what April 1st is all about (as well as reminding me what I should do when I get stressed out):

I swear this really is the last photo I have to showcase from my winter break photo shoot.

Most people think that April 1st is about pulling the most ridiculous pranks ever on the people we love. And I have seen some pretty stellar pranks pulled off in my time. I’ve even been apart of some good ones. Story time: My junior year of high school, my friends and I decided to pull a prank on our French teacher. She is deathly afraid of mice, so as a class, we decided to pretend like there was a mouse in the classroom. My friend Rachel and I pretended to be the brave souls who were looking for it under our teacher’s desk while everyone else in the class got on top of their desks with their belongings. When Madame came into the room, we told her that we had seen a mouse and that it had run behind her desk. She flipped out and immediately scrambled on top of a nearby desk. Then, Rachel and I pretended like it moved and jumped and screamed and everyone in the class thought we really had seen a mouse (this is why theatre students are beast), and when we revealed that it was all an April Fool’s Day prank, even Madame had to applaud us for such an amazing performance. (What can I say? I’m a genius, even when it comes to something as simple as playing off of one’s fear of mice.)

I say all that to say that I think April Fool’s Day is all about laughter (sometimes at the expense of others, but hopefully in a good-hearted kind of way…that sometimes leads to your French teacher having a heart attack…). So the above photo of Emma is the epitome of that and the idea that laughter is the best medicine, hence why this piece is entitled The Best Medicine.

I love laughing. At times, if something is funny enough (or even when it really isn’t), I have the tendency to start laughing and can’t stop for upwards of half an hour, sometimes even longer. I’ll be laughing so hard that I’m hardly even breathing and there will be no sound coming from my mouth. My sides start hurting and my face turns red and tears start streaming down my face. And despite all of that, I feel a million times better after laughing that hard.

Laughter is a beautiful thing. It’s universal. Everyone’s laugh is different. My laugh changes based on the circumstances. Sometimes it, unintentionally, sounds fake if the context is not ridiculously funny while at other times, it is loud and hearty. My friends have deep laughs, quiet laughs, high-pitched laughs, choppy laughs…one of my friends has a laugh that sounds like a little kid in a horror movie that has just been possessed by a demon and is out to kill you (she used to always threaten to sit outside of my door at 3 a.m. and laugh just to try to freak me out). No matter where you go, laughter can be harvested and enjoyed, even when life seems absolutely unbearable.

So I challenge you to be like Emma. Sit back and just laugh. Laugh at the pranks you pulled or fell for on April Fool’s Day. Laugh at yourself if you trip and fall in public. Laugh when things are awkward. Laugh when you’re stressed out like I am. Laugh when it’s raining. Laugh when it’s windy. Laugh at that really bad joke your husband likes to tell. Laugh at the cuteness of your kids. I don’t care. Just try to laugh a little bit each day. Laughter helps you feel younger. It burns calories. It’s good for your heart. It’s good for your lungs. It’s good for everyone. So just laugh. Happy Monday!


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