Monochrome Monday #30

Happy Monday after Easter!!! My Easter weekend was absolutely stellar! Nothing like meeting one of my childhood heroes, hanging out with old friends, and partying super hard (pictures to come soon). When I got back to campus yesterday afternoon, I was able to stay awake for an hour, but then I crashed. Completely. Needless to say, after 15 hours of sleep, I am ready to tackle these last 3 weeks of the class [but not really]. Until then, how about a new Monochrome Monday:

Disclaimer: Smoking is bad for you, kids. Beware.

I don’t think I have ever featured a picture of William on the blog before. In that case, let me introduce William (or Willy, as his girlfriend Charli likes to call him). He’s quite the cool kid, not quite a hipster, but very much an indie kind of guy. So when he tagged along for my music photo shoot way back in summer 2010, I knew I would be impressed by his style. Who knew that it would come with a cool renegade feel? Hence why this photo is called Teenage Rebel.

I like this photo for various reasons. The hoodie, the cigarette, the expression of apathy. All of the cool kids spend their time at the park, looking for a fun time (like vandalism…not that we actually vandalized anything…because we didn’t). Sometimes it’s just kind of cool to be that kid who just doesn’t care. You know, like those hardcore people who work on cars, are the lead singers/guitarists of their own band, get all the chics…

This is actually a reenactment of some guy’s album cover or something. (It’s been so long that I don’t even remember the details.) Still, I love it when my models are creative and into different things. I’m not much of an indie kid (I don’t know what I am in all honesty), but having friends who are different from me with various interests is pretty awesome. Especially when I’m a photographer and get to take photos like these that give me all kinds of artistic experience.

Man, I feel a bit off my game with this MM post. I had more to say when I first picked out this photo, but after this past weekend, I’ve just become disoriented. But that’s perfectly all right. We’ll just keep things simple. But never fear, there’s a lot more photography to reveal in the next few days/weeks. We’re talking about fun photos from my weekend home as well as a bunch of senior pictures (I’ve got two more [paying] clients), a family portrait session, and then a bunch of other photos from recent shoots. ‘Tis the season for photography! Happy Monday!


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