A Graduation Affair – Extensive Look

Hello there. I am simply appalled, and very much blessed, at the way things are turning out for my photography. Within the last month, I have received several requests to take portraits for various friends and peers. At first, it was simply a request to photograph one friend’s wedding next spring. Then another friend asked if I could photograph her wedding for fall of next year. Then there have been the offers to take several of my friends’ senior portraits. And to top things off, one of the girls in my Infancy/Early Childhood class asked if I could take portraits of her and her family (husband and two beautiful daughters). She said she had heard about my photography from some other people on campus, and now look where we are?! Apparently I’m going places with this hobby. Which brings me to the purpose of today’s post. I have a more extensive view of the senior/graduation portraits I did for my friend Erica last week. Graduation is definitely a sign of going places, and I am beyond honored to be apart of this endeavor. Check it out:

That last one is my absolute favorite of all the photos taken that afternoon. And to think…that will be me soon (or rather, I hope it is. With all of this scheduling conflict crap, I’m not even sure if graduation will ever be an option for me). When you accomplish something as amazing as being able to graduate, you finally realize how much bs you had to go through to get to that point. But once you realize that you made it through all of that, everything seems to pale in comparison.

I kind of feel the same way when it comes to my photography. It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in my photography class senior year of high school. And I had to put up with a lot of stupid stuff like classmates who didn’t care and a teacher who spent less time teaching and more time caring about the students who were never going to care long enough to let him teach. I deal with a lot even now in my hobby. I have to deal with constant demands to take people’s photos, people who honestly just use me for my talent without so much as a thank you. But then I look at where I am now and all the people who do support me, and I realize, “Gee, this isn’t so bad. I just keep getting better and better.”

And that’s exactly how Erica feels. Graduating valedictorian from her high school amongst students who were all older than her was quite an amazing feat. But to also be able to say that she survived the nursing program at a respectable college, to say that she never missed a day of any of her nursing classes, to say that even after having to stay for an extra year just to make things work out just to have that year plagued with death and financial strain and long hours at the hospital getting experience and the lack of a real social life because of everything going on…now that is an amazing accomplishment.

You know how in yesterday’s Monochrome Monday post I said that I was ready to tackle these last few weeks of class? Yeah, I was kind of lying. I am even more tired than I was before. I have a paper to write and I just got out of a semi-brutal exam. I even got drafted to be a stage hand for our final production of the school year, Cabaret. Add on top of that more photo sessions and finals and having to close down the dorm for summer, and you get one truly stressed out, frustrated college junior. But then I look at these photos of Erica and I look all around me at the handful of people who support me, and I remember that though I hate being ridiculously busy from 8 in the morning to midnight or later every single day, I can do it. It sucks. But I can do it. Because we all have goals. Graduation. Grad school in Hawaii (I’m being dead serious). Opening my own children’s theatre. Saving up money for new photo equipment. Being someone who my surrogate mother can be proud of. You know, actual worth-while goals. And those goals are worth achieving, even when the cards are stacked against you. But if you play that hand you were dealt just right, you might be surprised at exactly what you can do…


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  1. marclbell
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 00:32:09

    I am so proud of you and blessed to be your brother!


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