Latest Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

It’s late, and everyone in my dorm is getting all dolled  for the biggest party of the year. But what am I doing? Sitting here at work, taking pictures of my super fly residents, editing pictures from my photo shoot from earlier this afternoon. (I am the least fun person in the world nowadays. Not to mention the fact that I am in the strangest mood. Stress and sadness and anger and fatigue are not a good mix. This does not bode well for the next few days.) I also had a show tonight. Our last production of the year is Cabaret, and I am a stage hand. Let me just say that my chest hates to be confined. Corsets and bustiers were just not meant for me, despite how cute they may be. Trust me. But anyway. How about a little sneak peek at the photo shoot I had today (you know, the stuff you actually care about and come here to see):

I know this doesn’t seem like much, but when you think about the kinds of sneak peeks I reveal, I usually post a photo of a cigarette box or the beat up head of a baby doll with a bloody knife behind it. So to add to my really inventive (or what you might read as “anticlimactic”) sneak peeks is this here picture of a new model and her Converse.

You’re probably thinking what in the world this is all about, and I can tell you right now that this is NOT what you think. Because you’re probably thinking I did a Cinderella styled shoot. But I didn’t. I mean, Cinderella could easily be a part of this, but that wasn’t the main objective. You’re probably thinking this is a punk shoot. But it’s definitely not. But I’ll continue to let you think whatever you would like for the next few days/weeks until I am done editing all of the photos from today and ready to post them.

I probably shouldn’t have taken on a new project knowing that I still have to showcase photos from my spring shoot with my friend Carmen as well as photos from my Easter weekend and the ones from the personal project I undertook over spring break (not to mention the senior portrait session I have scheduled for Sunday afternoon). But hey! I’ll get to all of those things eventually, and when I do, I hope you all will be ready. Until then, continue to remain as patient as you all have always been (which I greatly appreciate). I shall now return to editing photos in this, now, quiet dorm since everyone is off partying. Adios muchachos!


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