Important Notice

Dear wonderful readers of mine,

Sorry for not having posted this week like I said I would. As aforementioned, the second half of my week became extremely busy with the continuing of Cabaret. And now I have sad news to add to the mix: due to an unforeseeable incident, I will be unable to post for you all for the next indefinite amount of time.

Earlier today (technically yesterday because it is now Saturday), my computer froze up and ended up crashing. The wonderful workers at the computer service center on campus think that it is a hard drive problem which is very possible considering how 1: the laptops we are given are some of Dell’s cheaper (read: crappier) models, and 2: I’ve had this laptop for nearly 3 years now and since it’s constantly in use for both school and recreational needs, it’s worn down and, frankly, obsolete. Luckily for me, I usually do a good job of backing up all of my important files (school documents, music, photos, etc.).

However, I had quite a bit of work in one particular hierarchy of folders that was specifically for the blog. Because I haven’t backed up my files in a few days, I do not have that work on my external hard drive to use meaning that until the service center returns my computer (hopefully without having to wipe the whole hard drive), I will be without the items that I would normally post on the blog.

I apologize for this inconvenience because this means I’m going to be offline for what could be upwards of a week, possibly longer if the entire hard drive has to be replaced (for they will have to order the parts and that could take days to arrive). In general, it totally sucks for me because I have school work to do (this is all happening literally a week and a half before finals), and some of that work has not been backed up yet (thankfully, it’s nothing major and I can live without it). But I also just hate the idea of not being able to post for you all because the material I had been planning is on my broken laptop and not accessible on this loner that I was given to use until mine is fixed.

I hope you all will continue to be as patient as ever as I wait for the diagnosis and repair of my computer, and I promise I will be back to posting as soon as I can! Thanks for understanding.




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