Monochrome Monday #31 [Part 2]

Look who is back in business!!! That’s right, dear readers. The blog is back online and better than ever! My laptop has been fixed with its new hard drive (though if held in a particular position, my laptop makes a weird noise because something was left loose when it was put back together), and though I’ve had to start rebuilding the character of my laptop with its hierarchy of folders and lost music/pictures and bookmarked webpages, things are returning to normal. And what better way to celebrate my triumphant return to the world of blogging than with the following Monochrome Monday post:

Before I begin, I would like to mention something extremely important: I am officially a senior in college! Ok, this has been the case for nearly 5 days now, but it still has yet to lose its splendor for me. This actually affects quite a lot of people aside from myself, including you all wonderful readers. How is this so? Simple: it’s summer vacation. And with summer comes free time. And with free time comes photography. And with photography comes more blog posts for you to enjoy. It’s a situation that is so full of winning…plus, I’m a senior in college! But enough about that and onto the second half of MM #31.

If you can think back to nearly 3 weeks ago, you’ll remember that I did another photo shoot with Erin. In the last MM, some of her black-and-white photos were featured. And now I have even more to display.

I have found that Erin looks really good in black-and-white. In general, she is extremely photogenic, but then I find that her photos always look so stunning in monochrome. B&W seems to add some other dimension to a photo. At times, you get something so fragile and meek like Erin is in the above photo.

Then there’s the monochrome photo that captures the innocence of the subject. I love this photo because Erin is enjoy playing. As a Child/Family Studies and Theatre double major, I advocate play and the imagination. Even as a 21-year-old, I still fly kites and blow bubbles (you know, when I’m not studying hard and being a college student and all). And it’s important to remember what it’s like to be a child and enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes life really can be seen in black-and-white. There’s no gray area when it comes to the joy that being a kid again can bring.

And then there are the times when a monochromatic photo can bring out the intensity of someone. In color, Erin’s eyes are probably some of the most powerful and beautiful I’ve ever seen and had the pleasure of capturing on camera. But even in black-and-white, Erin’s eyes are still some of the most haunting and captivating eyes to see. It’s like a gift and a photographer’s dream to work with someone whose eyes make nearly any photo they take worth looking at (aside from technique and what not).

I’ve thought about doing a shoot completely in monochrome. I think Erin would be a good fit. She’s great in color, but she’s even more stunning without it. Not that I knock color. I mean, I do want to work for Crayola after all. Still, I was quite impressed with the way a lot of Erin’s photos turned out, and I can’t wait to show you all some of the other images from this photo shoot very soon.

Until then, I’m going to do this whole “go to bed so I can wake up super early to finish work and then move into summer housing” thing. It is so ridiculously stressful to close down one residence hall and open up another in only a few short hours. And I have to work later tonight on top of having to work all day already. What a crazy life! But it’s perfectly all right. Why? Because I’m a freakin’ senior in college! Happy Monday! It’s good to be back. 🙂


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