Not Quite A Cinderella Story: Brandy (Part One)

Well, here we go. New looks at a recent photo shoot. I love getting to work with new models, and I got the opportunity to work with one of my residents, Brandy, a few weeks ago. I’ve got this thing about experimenting and preparing myself for future endeavors, and Brandy was more than willing to help me begin working on this summer’s biggest photo project: my Through the Eyes of a Child photo shoot. But it kind of turned into more of a woodland fairy tale, but not really, shoot. I guess I’ll just let you all decide what this shoot turned into:

I seriously just blanked on what it was that I had to say about these images…um…for starters, I really like them. Having never worked with Brandy before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I came to find that Brandy is a lot more self-conscious than she lets on. She typically has this “no care” attitude, but then when you manage to break down that facade, you find the inner struggles of a person. Kind of like a child in the sense that they try to pretend like they’re all big and bad so that no one will think they’re weak, but then you find them shying away into their little corner because they have deeper things happening. And to be able to get Brandy to realize that she’s a lot more photogenic than she thought was my main task.

This photo is one of my favorites. Beauty isn’t all about physical appearance. It’s not all about flawless skin and perfectly flowing hair. And though I do know people who seem to epitomize those things in their bodies with the perfectly sized chest and most flattering curves, that is, frankly, not Brandy. She possesses a different kind of beauty that was abundantly exuded during this photo shoot. It was the way she interacted with her surroundings, like with the bubbles we decided to play with. I find the above photo to be rather mystical and simply amazing.

Even in playing around, there is a sense of beauty in the way that Brandy carried herself in this shoot. I find this photo to be one of the most adorable I have ever taken. I mean, she was literally running away from the bubbles being blown at her. I guess I see it as a child-like spirit that only some of the most beautiful people can possess.

I am always impressed by the various sides of people that I get to see, even in the span of one photo session. For instance, Brandy has that “no care” attitude that is also paired with a sense of fun and laughter but is often hidden behind this layer of meekness that is only seen by those she is most comfortable around. I know for me, it’s not everyday that people get to see certain sides of me, though I have found myself opening up much more to people, particularly in the sense that I have recently been told that I have a “24/7 dorkiness factor” that I wasn’t even aware that I had (especially considering how I never really goof around and act dorky around most people unless we’re just best friends or something).

There was something about Brandy that intrigued me. Her photos turned out very nicely, particularly once both of us settled into our roles of photographer and model respectively. This line of work is a different side to us. The way I am in front of the camera is certainly nothing like what I am like behind the camera. How I am when I’m simply talking to my friends is not the same as when I’m working with them on a photo project. It’s like seeing a different kind of reality that you can’t see with your bare eyes. You have to see these alternate realities through a camera lens.

I guess I’ll be able to support this even further when I post some of my other favorite shots of Brandy. But you’ll just have to wait for that, now won’t you? Happy Thursday evening, everyone!


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