Not Quite A Cinderella Story: Erin

Good day to you all. Class is well underway for me which is a good thing because the sooner I get through this month, the sooner I can visit home and participate in even more photography. Until then, I will just have to settle for showing you all more photos from my latest photo session with Brandy and Erin. And today, for the last time from this shoot, we will be looking at Erin. She was featured in a two-part Monochrome Monday, and though black-and-white can be fun, color can be pretty flippin’ sweet as well. But you can decide that for yourself below:

These images of Erin are probably some of my favorites of her, even better than the ones I took of her way back in the fall. There’s something magical about them. Kind of in this woodland creature sort of way that only this kind of setting can create. For instance, Erin had spotted this creepy white wicker chair by one of the residence halls and wanted to take pictures there. This chair was, admittedly, an amazing find which added to the mystical feel of Erin’s photos.

This might actually be my favorite color photo of Erin from this photo shoot despite the flaw (I don’t usually like pointing out my mistakes, but I’ll do it anyway: there’s a purple glare on Erin’s hair in the top left corner). I also like how Erin’s skin/dress blend into each other because the pink of her dress got washed out by the reflection of the sunlight. It makes it seem as if she is this glowing being, a spiritual entity materializing as she’s looking out over her forest kingdom. (I swear I should be a fantasy fiction novelist or something.)

I am always amazed at the places around campus that I can use as backdrops for my photography. It’s one thing when I’m at home in my relatively large city with all of its nooks and crannies that I can explore. But when you go to school in the middle of Kentucky (ok, technically northeastern Kentucky) in a tiny town (which is actually somehow large enough to be classified as a city…it’s because we have a Wal-mart), it becomes a little harder to find places. Luckily for me, I’ve been doing this photography thing so long when I’m away at school that I’ve struck gold in terms of scenery from the railroad tracks to the random hidden well to the Zen Gardens where the above photo was taken. There’s a little koi pond with lily pads and fish in it (fish that I always feel so bad for during winter when the pond freezes over…but when it melts, they’re still there just a-swimming away) and a tiny waterfall. It’s no wonder why students call it, and its fraternal twin, the Zen Garden. And it makes for a beautiful place for portraits.

See what I mean? It’s so breathtaking and mystical. I would honestly wear a fairy costume and take pictures in the Zen Gardens. It’s a calming place, and even more relaxing to do something as lovely as photography.

I have one more in-depth look at this photo shoot for your viewing pleasure. But alas, you must wait. Hopefully, I’ll get to go out and about and indulge in some more photography soon. It’s been weeks since I’ve done anything, and I’m starting to crave it. Until then, I bid you all adieu.


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