Not Quite A Cinderella Story: Brandy (Part Two)

Good evening/early morning. You may be wondering why I’m still awake. Honestly, I don’t really know. I guess I figured that I’d go ahead and post the last of the photos from my latest photo shoot because I’ve been working on reconstructing my hierarchy of folders for things I want to post on the blog, and the amount of content I’ve collected is overwhelming. Over a dozen posts with nearly 70, yes SEVENTY, new images (well, “new” is a relative term) to present to you all! The next few days/weeks are going to be one non-stop photography party-train. I’m rather excited, especially considering how I have literally spent the past, oh say, 3 hours pulling photos to edit and watermark and organize into the appropriate folders for each post. (This is what I do to “relax” after working out for nearly 5 hours.) But before I get to all of those other images, how about we wrap up my photo shoot with Brandy? Check it out:

Before I even go on, I really just want to express how much I LOVE these images I’m posting right now. It took me and Brandy some time to get into this photo shoot. I had never worked with Brandy before, and she was a bit self-conscious. But once we found our stride, we hit the ground running and didn’t stop until we achieved top-notch work, which we did in these photos.

I think this sequence of photos is one of the best I’ve ever really taken and edited. I mean, I have my favorites that I’ve taken over the years, and some of them really are professional looking (not to toot my own horn [toot is a weird word]; I say that to express how much I’ve grown in skill level), but these are another level of talented (or at least it is for me, anyway). I think, for the two images above, it’s the white dress against the red flowers. And I love that Brandy was perfectly content with shoving herself into a somewhat prickly bush for these photos. Oh, the things we do for art.

This photo makes me happy simply because it’s Brandy’s Facebook profile picture, has been for a whole month now, and people are still showing it love. I don’t do this hobby for praise, but it does feel good to know that people appreciate beauty, even in the simplest things…like crawling into a bush to take a picture. I think that may be why I like Brandy’s photos so much: they’re not overdone. She’s not drenched in makeup, her attire is simple yet classy, and the scenery is mystical, but not ridiculously gaudy. And when all of those factors were thrown together, I got the results that you’re seeing now.

I love this photo simply because it is adorable. Clearly, I adore laughing pictures. They make the model look youthful and alive. Who would ever want to live their life without laughter? That would suck…

I honestly think that these last four photos are the epitome of Brandy’s beauty. As I continue to point out, it’s not all about physical appearance. And though I think Brandy looked stunning in these photos, a lot of what made these pictures stand out to me was based simply on Brandy’s attitude. She was enjoying herself. She didn’t compromise who she was for the camera. Those are the most beautiful people to me.

Alright. It is bedtime. Be on the look out for tons of new blog posts because it’s going to be super crazy and totally worth the time! Until we meet again, dear readers. Good night!


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